Top 7 Island Destinations in Thailand 

One of the most endearing features about Thailand, and arguably one of the biggest reasons why so many tourists arrive here each year, are the beautiful islands which occupy the nation’s coast. In terms of a luxury break,  Thailand’s islands provide the ultimate in vacation experiences and they are both plentiful and varied in equal Read more about Top 7 Island Destinations in Thailand […]

Three Trends Altering the Way in Which People Travel with Pets

An ever growing number of people are traveling with their pets. With this in mind, there are five trends today that are altering the way in which people travel with their beloved pets.   Road Trip Safety and Your Pets   The easiest way to travel with your pets is by car. There have been Read more about Three Trends Altering the Way in Which People Travel with Pets[…]

Countries where you can ‘buy’ nationality

Gaining citizenship is not always easy and in a great many countries around the world it is damn near impossible to do so. Each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to people entering their country and staying there and this is what causes so many problems for ex-pats who are looking Read more about Countries where you can ‘buy’ nationality[…]

What does Brexit mean for small business?

After Britain’s shock vote to leave the European Union, many businesses have been in a state of flux following the announcement. The economic markets have only just begun to stabilize again and the UK are currently locked in talks with Europe about how the break up will take place, and what this means for the Read more about What does Brexit mean for small business?[…]