Music and Stress Management

If you are like most people, face stress day in and day out. Like some people, you may try to ignore the fact that your life is stressful. On the other hand, you may be interested in finding ways in which you can deal with stress effectively and on an ongoing basis.


There has been a decent amount of research done on how music can assist in lowering stress. As a result of this research, there is solid data to support the utilization of different types of music as a means of lowering stress in daily life.


Primary Evidence About Music, Stress Reduction, and Other Benefits from Research Studies


In recent times, there have been some significant conclusions reached as a result of research conducted on music and stress. Time and again, these research studies have demonstrated that listening to certain types of music can reduce stress. The specific types of music that demonstrably lower stress are discussed in a moment in this article.


Once basic findings were made that music can reduce stress, some more pinpointed research was undertaken. As a result of these additional studies, it was revealed that listening to music on headphones reduces anxiety and stress among hospital patients before and after surgeries. Reduction of stress is said to contribute to a quicker recovery time. On a related note, listening to music can assist a patient in reducing the sensation as well as the distress that can be associated with the postoperative period.


In addition to reducing stress for adults, music can also provide a sense of security for children. Music can also encourage better communication by children. Music has even been demonstrated to assist a child in improving his or her coordination.


Beyond relieving stress, listening to music can assist a person with other emotional issues. Listening to music is shown to relieve a person of depression. Music can also aid a person in enjoying a higher level of self esteem. Relief from depression and improved self esteem as a result of listening to music is particularly prevalent among older individuals.


Music Therapy


In addition to listening to music on your own, if you are dealing with stress, you might want to reach out and seek professional assistance. With this in mind, you might want to look at a course of professional support that includes music therapy in the process.


Music has the ability to influence a person psychologically and physiologically. Therefore, it can be a helpful tool as part of an overall course of professional assistance to aid in reducing stress.


Music therapy can be incorporated into a course of stress reduction assistance that also includes such things as guided imagery, biofeedback, and other stress reduction techniques. In the final analysis, in order to optimize the benefits from music as a means of reducing stress, assistance from a music therapist is extremely helpful.


If you are interested in becoming involved in music therapy, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a qualified, experienced music therapists. You likely will be able to obtain a referral from your general practitioner. During a consultation, you will be able to obtain answers to any questions you might have about music therapy. You will obtain an overview of what the process of music therapy will be like for you.


Types of Music that Reduce Stress


Although there can be some differences from one person to another based on musical tastes, overall there are certain types of music that have been demonstrated to be particularly effective at reducing stress. For most individuals, in most situations, the best type of music to reduce stress is more softer selections. This includes classical music.


In a considerable number of cases, instrumental music is a better choice over selections with lyrics. Trying to listen to the words of song has the potential for lessening the soothing power of music.


The Top Song to Reduce Stress


Neuroscientists in the United Kingdom conducted extensive research trying to identify specific songs that were most apt to reduce stress. These researchers actually concluded that a song entitled “Weightless” is one most effective at reducing stress. The study reports that 65 percent of the participants in the study experienced a notable reduction in stress while listening to “Weightless.”


As a result of the broad positive response to “Weightless,” the song now typically is available on digital music services available online, including for mobile devices. The song is a lengthy one, and is broken down into six parts, which can be ordered to play sequentially.


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