What is an Office Refurbishment and Why is it the Right Choice for Your Business?

If you find yourself to be confused over the differences between an office refurbishment and an office fit out, you are not alone. Both options are highly effective for different companies depending on their individual circumstances, however there are some crucial variances from one option to the other.

Whilst an office fit out includes the need to completely strip and fit an office within an entirely new, unused space, an office refurbishment works on redoing a pre-existing workplace, maybe your current office.

This makes office refurbishments desirable for businesses undergoing a period of stability regarding the size of their staff numbers and growth. Any brand not looking to upsize, but with a fervent desire to make changes to their workplace, will find themselves in a good place with an office refurbishment. Many business economic studies have found that office refurbishment can lead to an increase in productivity, putting the company in a better place to gain customers, clients, reputation and profit.

Refurbishments can benefit a brand with a pre-established tone and identity. This option gives the business the choice of maintaining that voice, whilst potentially adding to it further through the refurbishment process. Alternatively, you could opt for a complete overhaul.  

Further pluses to an office refurbishment are multiple. If your refurbishment is taking place within your current office, you negate the task of moving all staff and equipment across to another space. This leaves staff feeling at home and settled in a place they are comfortable with, whilst avoiding any unnecessary moving costs. If your refurbishment does involve a physical move however, considerable time and money can still be saved in comparison to a complete office fit-out, due to having an already lived-in space to work with. This means that the process would take significantly less time, and likely use far fewer materials or manual work as a result. Just make sure when you do finally do it, do it properly! That mean marble dining table and chairs, the whole lot. 

This leads us onto a significant benefit of choosing office refurbishment over fit out: budget. Of course, there are cost-effective options across both choices. However, given the nature of an office refurbishment, this is more likely to be the case when working on a pre-existing space – especially if that office space is yours to begin with. This makes refurbishment a very popular choice for small and medium enterprises hoping to reap the rewards of a renewed workplace.

Whilst some may claim that an office refurbishment within your current workplace will inevitably include major disruption to your everyday tasks, this is no longer the case. Expert refurbishment services from the likes of Saracen Interiors in London now often include careful and detailed planning. This enables the provider to work around certain locations at certain times, avoiding busy periods and ensuring minimal disruption to your businesses’ daily workings. Interruption and distraction are no good for anyone trying to do a job, and luckily these are no longer a given with office refurbishment.

Perhaps the most under-appreciated element of any office refurbishment is that it can completely get rid of the need for a big move. Not only can this save time and money, but as mentioned previously is allows your staff to remain in an environment they have already adapted to without sacrificing the creative opportunities afforded by a new office project. This extends to working practices that may have already been put in place around the existing office. Thanks to the process of office refurbishment, these can also remain intact.

A company hoping to make a change to their place of work without the hassle of a big move or significant work should definitely consider an office refurbishment as their best course of action.


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