Top 7 Island Destinations in Thailand 

One of the most endearing features about Thailand, and arguably one of the biggest reasons why so many tourists arrive here each year, are the beautiful islands which occupy the nation’s coast. In terms of a luxury break,  Thailand’s islands provide the ultimate in vacation experiences and they are both plentiful and varied in equal measure regarding their natural surroundings and what they have to offer tourists. Luxury Thailand holidays are one of the most popular types of break that people look for when arriving in the country, and here on the islands are some of the best places to enjoy the true level of luxury which Thailand has become known for.

We have rounded up the 7 best island spots for you, if a luxury break is in order, let’s run down the list.

7 – Ko Lanta

Just off the coast of Thailand’s Krabi province you will find the collection of islands called Ko Lanta Yai, or Ko Lanta as everyone knows it. One of the most common reasons why tourists make their way to Ko Lanta, is because of the snorkeling and scuba scene that you will find here. Throughout the coast of each island there is rich ocean life and fascinating corals to discover. If you love to snorkel or dive, this is the place for you.

6 – Ko Lipe

When you set eyes on Ko Lipe, it is easy to understand why sea gypsies settled here so many years ago, a rich paradise of white sands and turquoise ocean, the perfect place to forget about the world for a while. This island is located in the Adang-Rawi archipelago in the south west of the country. Here you will find accommodation across the coast of three islands with cabins, grassy huts and bungalows on offer.

5 – Ko Samui

Whilst this may be the one of the most visited island in Thailand, you wouldn’t know it when you are relaxing in tranquility on this stunning beach resort. Thanks to the high level of tourism there is a huge range of places to stay and activities to get involved in. Here you will find festivals taking place throughout the year, street fairs, and a general carnival atmosphere on the island. That being said, there are many hidden away coves and beaches where you can enjoy your break in peace if that is what you are after.

4 – Ko Chang

Just near the border of Cambodia is Thailand’s third largest island Ko Chang, a great place to spend your vacation and without question one of the country’s most naturally rich islands. At the moment, this island has the balance just right in terms of having the infrastructure in place for tourism, and at the same time receiving mild levels of tourism, especially when compared with the likes of Phuket and Ko Samui. Here you will find more than just white beaches, you can also explore rainforest, waterfalls and rich coral reefs beneath the water.

3 – Ko Tao 

If you are looking for a vacation which is packed with adventure then Ko Tao is most certainly the place that you need to be heading to. Diving is one of the island’s most popular activities and over 7000 new divers are accredited here each and every year. Diving is not the only popular water sport here, fishing is also a highly popular activity and you can find trawlers across the coast waiting to take tourists out on tour. Fishing enthusiasts can indulge in their sport and look to catch snapper, marlin and barracuda. As if all of this wasn’t exciting enough, the nightlife in Ko Tao is slowly starting to rival some of that country’s more famous party spots, with plenty of bars and nightclubs opening up all of the time.

2 – Ko Samet

This is the perfect holiday island for you if you are looking to get a break away from Bangkok, and decompress in relaxing natural settings. The large majority of this island is actually a National Park, and within it there are several allocated vacation spots which tourists can enjoy. You could argue that all Thai islands have beautiful white sandy beaches, but here in Ko Samet they appear almost like snow, changing color as the sand makes contact with that crystal clear water. Relaxing is not the only order of the day in Ko Samet and if you so wish you can find some beaches which offer a lot of activities, and a lot more excitement. Generally speaking however, this quiet and serene environment is best enjoyed on a  sun lounger, listening to the waves with a cold drink in your hand.

1 – Ko Phi Phi 

This small archipelago is situated within the Krabbi province in the south of the country with many of the islands offering postcard-esque landscapes, without any exaggeration. One of the islands here, Ko Phi Phi Leh, has gained fame thanks to the fact that this was the location of the Leonardo di Caprio movie The Beach, obviously chosen thanks to its beauty. Despite the damage that was caused to the islands in the 2004 tsunami, the islands have recovered well and it could be argued that it is better now than then. When you picture Thai islands, and think about azure water, tree-lined rugged landscapes and bright colors, it is Ko Phi Phi that you are likely thinking about.

Have you been to any of these Thai islands? If so let us know what your opinion was, we’d love to hear from you!

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