Three Trends Altering the Way in Which People Travel with Pets

An ever growing number of people are traveling with their pets. With this in mind, there are five trends today that are altering the way in which people travel with their beloved pets.


Road Trip Safety and Your Pets


The easiest way to travel with your pets is by car. There have been some safety developments that have occurred in regard to traveling with your pet in a motor vehicle. Indeed, developments in regard to pet safety while traveling in a car represents one of the most important trends in the arena of companion animal travel safety.


Historically, pets — particular dogs — have traveled unsecured in motor vehicles. The trend today is that pet parents are taking advantage of the different methods and technologies that permit a pet to travel securely when it in automobile.


A good percentage of pet travel safety products are created with dogs in mind. However, some of these devices are also suitable for cats.


There have been some considerable advances in kennels that are crafted specifically traveling with pets. Travel kennels or crates are designed to optimize the safety of your furry family member while a vehicle is in operation. They also include features designed to keep your pet as calm and comfortable as possible while in an automobile. Pet kennels are designed for use by both dogs and cats.


In addition to travel kennels, there are also vehicle pet barriers, also suitable for use both dogs and cats. These devices permit your companion animal more movement and freedom while traveling, all the while keeping them safe and generally secure.


In recent years, pet seat belts have hit the market. These devices are designed to work with the existing passenger seatbelt in a motor vehicle. ‘


A pet seat belt is designed with a dog in mind. Not all dogs will adjust to the use of a pet seatbelt. Thus, before you take off on a trip with your pet, you need to make sure that he or she will tolerate a pet seatbelt.


Finally, when it comes to trends associated with motor vehicle safety for your pets, car pet seats are now available. As is the case with pet seatbelts, these devices are designed with a dog in mind. You also need to make certain that your pet will tolerate a pet seat before you depart on a road trip.


Lodging Accommodations with Specific Pet Perks


Another of the major trends impacting the way people travel with their pets is lodgings with specialized pet perks. There are a growing number of pet friendly hotels that even feature a full fledged pet concierge. Many of these properties have specialized play areas onsite for pets (most often for dogs). Some even have room service with items designed just for dogs and cats.


These pet friendly hotels commonly feature a variety of services and perks for their pets. These services and features include dog walking, pet sitting, access to pet spas. In addition, a pet friendly hotel can assist with recommendations for the best in pet friendly restaurants as well as shops. These hotels will also have information on activities at which pets are welcome.


When booking a hotel at which you intend to bring a pet, make sure you understand with specificity all of its rules, regulations, and specific accommodations for your furry friend. Consider booking over the phone to make sure you clarify with a hotel representative and questions or confusion you might have about pet accommodations at a property.


Travel Destinations and Venues with a Focus on Pets


Hotels are not the only types of businesses that are making changes when it comes to pets and their humans traveling together. A growing number of travel related businesses are rolling out the proverbial red carpet to welcome not just humans, but pets as well.


On that list is an ever increasing number of sightseeing options that include humans as well as pets in the mix. As with many pet activities, the focus here primarily is on canines. Wineries in increasing numbers are also offering pet friendly opportunities for their guests. Indeed, the list of pet friendly opportunities seems to grow longer all of the time and even includes whale watching and boating opportunities.


In summary, if you are planning a vacation, and intend to take your pet along, do some research and planning. You will be able to find opportunities to enhance your travels for both you and your furry family member in a number of different ways.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Handicapped Pets, your most trusted source for dog wheelchairs and harnesses.


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