A backpacker’s guide to the best destinations in France

France is a country that has a rich and diverse culture and history, so no matter where you go, there is always something new to learn. Over the centuries, it has become a great place for backpackers to go for a number of reasons. It is relatively cheap to travel around France, and there are also plenty of low-budget accommodation options, so spending a few weeks here exploring will not break the bank. A great way to get around is to meet some fellow travellers and share travel expenses, I did this when we use a great car service in Marseille.

Backpacking in Brittany

Brittany (Bretagne in French) is located in the Northwestern area of France and has a slightly different culture from the rest of the country. Here you will find a completely different language, although standard French is widely spoken, and a very different outlook on life, too.  This part of the country used to be independent, only becoming part of France at the time of the Renaissance. While Brittany is a popular area to visit for vacationers, it is also quite cheap to visit. If you like history, then this is the area for you, as there are still many medieval buildings in Brittany, with some towns holding onto their original medieval walls. Other popular attractions here include the beaches, and if you want to spend time here during your travels, a stay in a Brittany hotel will not eat into the budget too much.


Take in the sights in Alsace

Over on the other side of France, there is the diverse region of Alsace. This part of France is one of its smallest regions, yet also one of its most densely populated. It has changed hands a few times between France and Germany and is heavily influenced by its proximity to the latter. As a visitor, you are therefore sure to hear a mix of languages. Visitors here love going to places such as Strasbourg and the Old Town at Colmar. While there are tourists here for much of the year, there are off-peak times when an Alsace hotel stay is much cheaper than at other times of the year, as well as a little more comfortable than the usual backpacker’s hostel.


Don’t forget the capital!

No self-respecting backpacker should ever visit France without a trip to the capital. Paris is the ultimate destination for those who want cultural attractions and elegance. If you want to see it all, you need to make sure that you spend plenty of time here. Paris is one of the more expensive destinations for a backpacker, but if you plan it carefully, you can certainly do this much more cheaply than you might think. You don’t have to pay to go up the Eiffel Tower in order to take in its beauty (although it is not really that expensive), and you can view monuments like the Arc de Triomphe for nothing.

No matter which destinations you choose for your French backpacking experience (and the country is filled with must-visit destinations), Inter-Hotels has comfortable and affordable accommodations. Backpacking does not have to mean ultra-basic, but a stay in a two- or three-star hotel could make your trip a little more enjoyable and ensure that you have a comfortable base from which to see the sights.

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