Destinations To Visit In Your Lifetime

Today I am going to be taking you on a journey through the world and letting you know about some of my favourite countries on earth to visit in this blog post. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so there may be another guide to my “other” favourite places in the future. In the meantime, enjoy reading about some truly stunning destinations and happy travels.



India has a charm that is very rare and it’s mixture of history, culture and food is one to savour. Food is always at the top of the list when I think of India, because it is just so good. The regional variations in cuisine are also very interesting between the north and the south. In the north, there is definitely more curry (mainly with breads like naan) to be had and in the south they like to eat more dishes with rice and lentils. Whatever it is that I am eating in India, it always seems to taste very good. The things to do also attract me and each city and region has its own special thing to do. Whether it’s the book online Rishikesh hotels, the Taj Mahal, the palaces of Rajasthan or the beaches in Goa, India has some of the most culturally interesting and exciting things to do.



Germany is steeped in history and has a variety that you perhaps cannot find in any other European country. The differences between the north and south are huge and Germany’s history as a divided country show through its different regional cultures. Berlin, for example, is a huge multicultural metropolis that is filled with great history, bars, cafes, restaurants, museums and clubs. It is the ultimate young person’s city that is unlike anywhere else in Germany. Here you can explore and see history everywhere, especially things relating to the Second World War. Munich is another beautiful city that enjoys a rich culture and history as the Bavarian capital and is really one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever had the chance to visit. It has the most beautiful buildings and churches and the food is absolutely stunning too, with the typical south German cuisine, like schnitzel, knodel (dumpling), haxe (roasted pork shank).



Many think of Australia as a country,  but in reality it is actually a continent too! It has one of the most unique mixtures of landscapes and flora and fauna on the planet. There are animals and plants that can be found in Australia that truly cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. The platypus is one good example of this and is one of the most curious creatures as it is one of two mammals on the entire planet that lays eggs (the other is the echidna, which is also native to Australia). Australian nature is absolutely beautiful with the world famous red centre (Uluru), the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest and much more. The cities are also very beautiful with two of the most exciting cities in the world in Melbourne and Sydney. Australia is truly one of the most beautiful and interesting countries and you should definitely visit.


The United States

Many Americans never even consider exploring their own backyard, which is a real shame because the USA truly has some of the most beautiful landscapes and cities that you can possibly imagine. The country is huge and you would need an entire lifetime to explore it properly. I have personally been lucky enough to travel through the states and there are many sites and cities that stand out to me. I love the culture of New York city, with it’s museums, bars, restaurants and architecture. The nature is also something that should not be discounted and there are a staggering number of national and state parks to visit. My favourite has to be the Grand Canyon, it is such a unique place with a unique landscape that was formed over millions of years by the Colorado river. The United States has more or less everything that you could ever wish for, you just have to go looking for it.



This is one of the most magical destinations in all of Asia. Vietnam has magnificent landscapes and bustling cities to keep you excited. There is nothing quite like trying to cross the street in Vietnam (you will understand when you see it yourself) or eating delicious street food (Pho is a great breakfast choice). The fresh fruits, like dragon fruits, water melons or pineapples are going to be best that you have probably tasted in your life and the climate is just perfect for this. The nature is something that I love and riding a motorbike through the mountains and through the rice fields was an experience that I will never ever forget. Ha Long Bay is also another very special place where you can explore the many hundreds of limestone islands that dot the bay. Naturally, I would recommend catching a sunset here, as it is one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have seen in my entire life! The way of life in Vietnam just makes it a different place than you have probably ever experienced in your life.


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