Why You Should Always Have Your Business Materials Printed Professionally

Most small and mid-sized companies have a healthy number of printers, copiers, and fax machines on their premises so that they can be used on demand. After all, what’s the point of running a professional office space if you can’t make a colour copy or scan a document whenever needed? In truth, there’s a difference between having the ability to make a copy and facilitating cheap leaflet printing for distribution purposes. No matter how much money your company spends on printer ink or the amount of time you spend teaching your staff how to use the colour copier, costly mistakes are probably going to be made. In addition, most businesses just aren’t capable of creating professional level prints on a large scale. Here’s why your business should stick to professional printing services.

The Difficulty of Keeping Print Supplies Stocked

In order to print whatever business materials you need yourself, you need to have some basic supplies around in large quantities. Printer ink is a must, as well as printer paper, photo paper, business cards, staples, paper clips and binders. Every time you print something new you have to be mindful of what remains in stock as supplies can be depleted quite fast. In addition, workers who may use these materials may not be great about keeping you aware of what remains in the supply closet.

Unless you have an account with an office supply store where you can get new orders of office supplies delivered within a day or two, multiple trips will have to be made to nearby stationery stores. That’s a lot of work just to do your own printing.

How Much Time Is Your Company Spending Printing Various Materials?

Although printing can be done with the touch of a button you might spend an exorbitant amount of time lining up the margins so that they’re just right. Papers that need to be printed on both sides have to be neatly stacked so that the prints come out perfectly aligned. If you’re printing up thousands of copies you won’t be able to do much else until everything is done. Keeping a printer stocked with paper and watching for paper jams might become a repetitive mid-afternoon task that you end up dedicating hours to.

The next time that you need to print up several hundred copies of a mailer or you want to design and print up business cards, see how long it takes to get everything done. It is likely that you’ll spent a good part of your week trying to get all of your printing done.

Getting Your Prints Done Right the First Time Around

Printing may not be difficult when you have to do something basic, but try printing out a pamphlet that has to be folded and stapled and see how quickly you get confused. Making an error on just one area of the print job might render all of the other copies you painstakingly completed completely useless. Then there’s the wasted materials that have to be accounted for. Another trip to the office supply store may be necessary after that, wasting more of your valuable time.

At some point you really have to consider if going to a professional print service would be more convenient, faster, and even cheap given the amount of effort it takes just to complete a single print job.

What Happens When You Need Business Materials Printed Fast?

When you have all day to print up a few hundred flyers you can break up the task into smaller more manageable steps, and come back to double check your work when you’re able to. At times, businesses also need prints in a hurry. Stress can cause you to make egregious errors and frustrate you on end when you’re trying to do something that should be relatively simple.

To print leaflets quickly you need to know what you’re doing and to also have the right kind of printer that can spit out copies in seconds. It is best to task this kind of job to a print shop that is able to accommodate your request in hours rather than wasting paper and time.

Professional printers simply have an eye for design and they also know how to make simple print jobs even simpler. Complex print jobs shouldn’t be handed off to staff who barely know how to operate a copy machine. While your business materials are getting printed up off site you will be able to put all of your focus back into your company with better peace of mind. Stop looking into buying bulky printers that take up space in your office just so that you can spend even more time trying to get everything to work. Do what you do best, which is keeping your company running, and leave it to professional printers to whip up professional looking business materials using the right kind of paper, the perfect type of ink, and completely on schedule.

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