Top Tips For The Perfect Dinner Party

If you are planning a dinner party then you will no doubt want things to be absolutely perfect on the big night. In order therefore, to ensure that this is exactly what happens, we have put together some great tips on what you should be doing for your dinner party to really impress your guests.

We are going to look away from the food that you have chosen to prepare, and instead focus on the touches and the additions which you need to make so that your party goes down a storm.


Music is a very important part to proceedings and you need to ensure that you are not only making the right musical selection, but also that you have it at a background level of volume. In my view the best music for a dinner party is something without lyrics such as a classical album. the key is to relax your guests and add some ambience, without the music being too overpowering.


When it comes to the drinks which you are providing, make sure that you have enough to cover everyone’s tastes. Grab a couple of bottles of both red and white wine, some beers and perhaps some spirits too which people can enjoy. don’t forget about those who aren’t drinking as well, and don’t just offer up some water. For the non-drinkers amongst the group, try to find some exciting non-alcoholic drinks to offer them.


The pace at which you bring out each course should be very relaxed to allow people to digest each course and to converse in between dishes. Try to make sure that the starter and the dessert are pre-prepared which means that you will only need to make time to cook the main. Equally, much of the main course should have been pre-prepared as well to ensure that you can comfortably manage the pace of the dinner.


Another reason why you should endeavor to pre-prepare as much as you can, is so that you can be in the company of your dinner guests, and not slaving away in the kitchen as they eat. Remember that you are the host, not just the cook, and you need to be on hand to keep conversations going, keep drinks topped up and keep the party on a positive note.


Your final chance to wow your guests is after dessert and for this you are going to need some light snacks and most importantly, some amazing coffee. I always opt to use a French press for my coffee as the smell is beautiful and the taste that it produces is delicious. The French press coffee maker also creates a bit of theater on the table which I really love. Finally your should have some cheese and crackers which you can leave on the table so that people can pick as they finish the night.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a dinner party that everyone will be talking about.

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