Tops Tips on Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is something which is far more common than you may realize and as men get older this is a common occurrence. Naturally this is not something which men are happy about, but there are measures which can be taken to minimize the impact of erectile dysfunction and prevent it from happening in the future. Tablets such as viagra, ciallis and levitra for example have all been proven to work very well in temporarily reversing the effects of ED, but there is also much that you can do to help minimize the issue.

Whilst there are some cases whereby nothing can be done, in the main this is a treatable and avoidable issue and here are some additional tips on making sure that this doesn’t become a major issue in your life.

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Diet and Weight

At the cure of the situation here is the body’s inability to allow blood to flow to the penis. The reason this takes place can be that arteries are blocked, which is also what leads to heart attacks. In order to avoid ED, it is vital that you have a healthy heart and in order to do that you must ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and that you maintain a healthy weight. As Andrew McCullough MD so succinctly put it “anything bad for the heart is also bad for the penis”.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

High blood pressure and cholesterol cause damage to the blood vessels in the body which can restrict blood flow and thus cause ED. Be sure that you are regularly getting checked by your doctor in order to manage your blood pressure and your levels of cholesterol.


Drinking too much alcohol will also have a greatly damaging effect on your blood flow and it has been linked to liver and nerve damage, both of which have a lasting effect on the penis. Alcohol has also been proven to knock hormones out of kilter which can also result in issues around ED.



Another aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle which you will need to focus on is adding more exercise into your daily life, as this will also greatly help with any ED issues. Aerobic exercise in particular has been shown to be of great help to blood flow and heart health, which as we have mentioned play a key role in the performance of the penis and the blood flow to that region. Remember to avoid any exercise which puts excess pressure on the perineum, such as cycling on a hard seat, as this will not do any good in allowing blood flow.

Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker then it is crucial that you stop, no just to reduce any issues of ED but also to improve your life on the whole. Smoking attacks every cell and organism in the body, which is why it is essential that you knock the cigarettes on the head, to improve your general wellbeing and to reduce your erectile dysfunction problems.

Making small changes really can have a huge difference on your health and sexual wellbeing.


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