Buying A Custom Suit Is Always Best

I’ve met so many people who are yet to get fitted with a custom suit. There are many reasons for this, the big one being that the cost can seem pretty high especially when you compare it to suits you can buy off the rack. I understand this concern because many years ago I thought the same, but if you go to one of the many Bangkok Tailors you’ll see there’s a massive difference between the two options. 

I’m not going to destroy off the rack suits in this article because the quality has got better, but the fact is that a custom suit made just for you by a Thailand tailor is so much better! 

Getting a custom suit that fits perfectly is ideal for anyone who wants to invest well in something that will last for a long time and improve the way they look. A custom tailored suit is seen one of the best luxury buys for any man or woman. I can say from experience that mine has been worth every single dollar and I love putting it on.

Still not convinced? Well, here are some reasons that I think will change your mind.

The Fit

This is probably the number reason to get a custom suit made. If you opt to choose a suit from the rack then you’re basically getting something that’s been created to fit the average person. It will be a mass produced design which zero individuality or any unique features. On the flip side, a custom suit flatters the wearer and fits like a glove.

The Quality

A custom suit is a work of art. I already mentioned how it’s the ultimate purchase and that is also down to the quality of material used in the design. The material used in off the rack suits will never compare to the fabric used in an expertly custom made suit. With the improved quality comes a garment that will usually, if cared for, last a lifetime. It will also hold it’s shape and continue to flatter throughout the years.

Save Time & Effort

As men, we are all too aware how frustrating heading to the shops to buy clothes can be. We rarely like to spend hours in a changing room trying to find the properly fitting item. When you grab a suit off the rack you’ll never get it right first time and it can take an age finding one that fits, not perfectly, but only just makes the grade. A tailor will get all your correct measurements, do all the work for you and make the whole process stress free. The whole experience is something to treasure and the final result is something to behold.

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