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According to a 2018 survey an average US citizen spends about £120 in their hair care treatment in a month whereas the same for a British national is around £100. This includes hair spa, special treatment and cosmetics used for keeping their hair shiny and show a ravishing look. This gives a clear idea of how people have become fashionable about their hair, including men and women. Not only fashion, in the modern world, but hair also plays a vital role in depicting their personality and appearance. That’s why many people started to look for permanent solutions to have healthy hair and search for the price of hair transplant.


Thus they feel devastated when they start losing the hair rapidly. Then they start using expensive medications and medical cosmetics. Some prefer to use wigs, hair serums etc. However, in most of the case, it only provides a temporary solution but the money spent on them are gone. For example, using wigs is a costly solution looking at the broader picture. Wigs that provide better natural looks are very expensive ranges from £100 to £500, even more. Additionally, their maintenance is high. They need regular treatment at home to enhance their longevity. Thus the overall cost for a lifetime use shoots up.

Hence a more potent solution to this is a hair transplant. The hair transplant technology has rocketed from the late twenties till now. It has reached an advanced stage and yet new technologies are appearing day by day and this industry has become very popular now a day. It has become widely popular among renowned celebrities. Celebrities like, Wayne Rooney, Joe Stewart, Gordon Ramsay, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston, Fergie Duhamel and others all have gone for hair transplantation to get back their refreshed look. 

The most advanced technologies in modern-day hair transplant are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). In these techniques, individual or strap of hair follicles are carefully uprooted from the donor area, usually back of the head and subsequently grafted them in recipient or area, affected by hair loss using very small and delicate instruments.


Moreover, they are not at all that expensive now. If you choose right destination, such as Turkey, the hair transplant cost is way lesser than the other parts of the world. Reasons for choosing Turkey over other countries for hair transplantation are:

Variety and Quality:

Hospitals in Turkey offers wide ranges of hair transplant surgeries along with other hair care treatments in its world-class hospitals equipped with advanced technologies. Doctors in those hospitals are mostly well renowned in their own profession. They possess years of experience and are ripe veterans. So, you are ensured to have this permanent treatment from the best places. 


Cost of most advanced hair transplant, like FUE, in Turkey, is around £1100 to £1500, depending upon the package. This is 4-5 times cheaper than any clinic or hospital for the EU and US. In addition, you can have some lucrative add-ons within this package, like- 4/5 star hotel accommodation for a couple of days and round-trip airport transfers.


Chance of Vacation:

In Turkey, there are numerous places that are attractive tourist destinations, particularly in summers. Places like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara are crafted with historical monuments, picturesque sightseeing spots, serene mountains and the overwhelming Mediterranean. Mere roaming around those cities can provide an awesome experience. Moreover, those cities are quite cheap and affordable. So, people coming for treatment not only can have a great time in the hospital but can have the topping of a vacation of a lifetime. 

Cities like Istanbul and Izmir are the best choices for your hair transplant. There are numerous hospitals with world-class facilities with cutting edge technology. They operate with some of the world’s leading surgeons with a very high degree of success rate. In addition, you can have all the additional perks available with a lifetime warranty on the transplantation. The best flexibility is during the consultation with your doctor you can customize the package and choose the style of implantation. Antalya, in addition, is a better place in the summer for both treatment and vacation.

Turkey recently has burgeoned as an attractive destination for medical tourism across the globe with a hooping increase of medical tourists from 75000 (2008) to 0.8million (2017) in just a decade. The Turkish government spent billions of pounds to promote Turkey as a world hub for medical tourism and therefore built up huge infrastructural development, world-class hospitals and associated facilities. Now the government is targeting to achieve a 1million benchmark. Among all types, aesthetic tourism, particularly- cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, dentistry, etc. have attracted people from all over the world. In a nutshell, if you are looking only upon your small current expenditure for treatment then wake up and see the bigger picture which depicts a permanent solution and chance of a memorable vacation.

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