Here’s What You Need To Know Before Heading To Nepal

Nepal is a magical country; it is where Buddha was born, the home of Mount Everest and interestingly one of a handful of countries that was never colonised. I first got to experience how beautiful it is when I was volunteering in Nepal 5 years ago, a great experience which taught me a huge amount.


Nepal is the ultimate location for people seeking adventure and culture. Before you travel there I think it’s good to have some pointers that will help you on your way. Here are some things I wish I’d know before I went volunteering in Nepal.


The first thing you should know, and one of the most useful, is how to greet people. You put your hands together as if you’re praying and say namaste or namaskar. If you’re chatting to someone older than you it is very respectful to use didi for females and dai for males. Feet are another big thing – they are seen as unclean so never touch people with your feet or have your souls elevated and facing someone, never put them up on the back of seats on a bus or train.

Be careful what you’re wearing too, your attire should always be quite conservative and make sure you’re covered up, unfortunately for women the rules are a bit more strict so don’t wear anything too revealing as that can offend. You’ll notice that couples don’t over do it in public, so keep the affection for behind closed doors. Last thing, always take off your shoes before going into someone’s home. Following these etiquette tips will get you off to a great start.


When you go to Nepal you need to remember to try as much food as possible because I promise you’ll miss it as soon as you get back on the plane home. There’s plenty of food available from local to home comforts, so you’ll always find something you like. The best food to try is Dal Bhat, that’s rice with lentils and will come with a side dish of vegetables. The local food can be spicy but you’ll soon learn to ask for it a bit milder if it’s not to your liking.

Flying Around Everest

Of course everyone wants to see Everest but for most of us climbing the highest mountain in the world just isn’t on the cards. One thing I found out from fellow travellers was that you can take a flight to marvel in this natural wonder. Hop on a flight from Kathmandu in the morning and you’ll be able to gaze down on the snow peaks – they’ve made sure that the windows aren’t tinted to allow for the best views and great photo opportunities.

Have you been to Nepal? If so, please do tell us what things you wish you had known before you travel, any simple tips that will help others prepare for their holiday will be super helpful. Just pop everything doen in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys!

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