Gifts Ideas for Someone Who Loves Their Coffee

If there is someone in your life who not only loves a cup of Joe but also takes great pride in their knowledge and passion for the coffee bean, then this is an ideal passion to focus on when it comes to getting them a gift for their birthday or Christmas, or any event for that matter. Within the coffee industry there is an absolute wealth of options which you may consider for a gift, which means that even the most knowledgable and passionate baristas will have room in their life for something new and exciting when it comes to their coffee. Here then are some ideas on what you could buy for the coffee lover in your life.

Coffee Maker

The obvious solution to this gift buying conundrum is to go out and get a high quality coffee maker. There are of course a plethora of makers which you can choose from so you’ll have to do your research. One of the best options out there is a coffee maker with grinder, that way coffee can be bought in bean form from any supplier, and easily converted into some tasty coffee, a great gift idea.


If you do buy a coffee maker with grinder for someone, or indeed if they already have a grinder of their own then you can add some beans to your gift. There is massive range of exciting beans from all corners of the world, some have even been infused with flavors such as bourbon for additional depth and richness of flavor. The world is your oyster when you are buying beans, and they make for a really good present for anyone who enjoys coffee.

Manual Espresso Press

Espresso machines are quite the sight to behold but they also come at quite a cost. The perfect option then is to avoid the fancy, high cost espresso machines, and buy a quirky and easy to use manual press. What sets this product apart from the rest is the cream which is produced as a result of the manual press, giving the perfect finish to a tasty cup of espresso.

Coffee Book

There are a number of high quality paperbacks out there which go into real detail about where coffee comes from, what makes it taste the way it does and how baristas can best get the most out of their coffee making. This could be a great gift for any coffee lover and it is going to give them plenty of accurate information which they can then put into practice.


The coffee cup makes a huge difference to the taste and experience of having a cup of coffee, which is why you may wish to go all out and get some high end cups for the coffee lover in your life. This is also the best budget gift idea that you can find, so go check out which cups make for the best cup of coffee, and grab a couple for a well thought out gift.

Which will be the gift of choice for you?

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