The benefits of using Clever Ads free Adwords Tools

Being a form of Direct Response Advertising, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is centered on yielding a measurable and profitable return on your marketing efforts. As opposed to spending thousands on general brand awareness, like with TV adverts and billboards, PPC aims to really track every single penny spent on every single advert, and see which brings in the most sales revenue. From there, you can calculate whether the cost of each sale was worth it or not.

The issue is, there’s a lot going on here. There’s testing to see which advert has the lowest cost, high click-through rate, and highest conversion, along with also tracking the ROI, Return on Ad Spend, and other funnel engagement that was benefited from the PPC ads – such as newsletter signups.

One way to go about managing all of this is using free Google Ads Solutions called Clever Ads. More specifically, this is mostly for Adwords as opposed to any PPC – through Adwords remains at the forefront of PPC advertising. Plus, there is still some Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Instagram Ads integration available too. Below are the 3 main benefits of using Clever Ads.

1: Easy creation of campaigns

Clever Ads helps create campaigns extremely quickly and easily. Right from the offset, Clever Ads has its own keyword planner which has various search features, such as limiting CPC and search volume. Getting the right keywords is extremely importantbecause otherwise you’ll be overspending on each click, or be running keywords that are rarely searched.

To further help pick which keywords you should be using, the Clever Ads Chrome Extensions helps assess competitor websites for keywords. Understanding competition plays a big part in which words to focus on, and which can be extended into long-tail keywords.

Of course, these keywords can be easily stored and then integrated into the official Adwords tool.

It doesn’t just end there, though, as Clever Ads offers a Banner Creation space to help speed up the design of adverts – a little bit like Canva. Adverts can also be translated automatically, meaning campaigns can be extended into other countries and languages.

A lot of these features are designed to further automate the creation of campaigns, meaning you can create them more quickly.

2: Manage campaigns

Clever Ads is also designed to help manage the campaigns. The most prominent way it does this is by facilitating third-party integrations. For example, Microsoft Teams and Slack can both be integrated, meaning that a large remote team can have shared access to the PPC ad performance.

There is also a Clever Ads Add-on for Google Sheets, meaning that the campaign and performance data can be easily displayed in Google Sheets. Of course, this is a great platform for performing a more detailed analysis, so you can gain more insight into the data that’s available.

To help you manage your campaigns, there’s also a Clever Ads Manager, which allows users to oversee not only their Google Ads, but also their Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, and Twitter Ads. In one place, the performances from all these campaigns can be assessed. This is really helpful for those working in remote teams, because all of the information is centralised, and easily accessed via the Cloud.

3: Compare campaigns

A big part of PPC advertising is that it’s fast and cheap to make a campaign. This creates the benefit of being able to easily A/B test different adverts, keywords, designs, copywriting, and so on against each other.

One way Clever Ads helps achieve this is by having an in-built ad audit. This audit right away tells you an overall score for a campaign. This is followed up with more analysis, such as pointing out which keywords you’re overspending on, which keywords aren’t optimised, and so on.

The Ads Manager described above is also a great tool when comparing campaigns between different platforms. Usually, your Twitter Ads performance must be assessed on the Twitter website, whilst Instagram’s is assessed on their website. Clever Ads acts as an intermediary in which they pull all of the data and allow you to compare in one place, on a mobile phone, tablet, or PC, anywhere in the world.

This isn’t to say Clever Ads is the only tool to use when using PPC ads. For example, their banner creation may not suit your needs. But it’s a good base application that can help oversee everything in one place and is super helpful in creating Adwords campaigns. Reviews of the app are very positive, which highlights its use for companies who are trying to automate and improve the efficiency of the way they manage marketing campaigns.

Additionally to the free tools and features mencioned, using CleverAds you can obtain a Google Ads promotional code so you can start creating campaigns and see how it goes for your ecommerce.

That’s the beauty of PPC – it can be created, paused, and altered with a click of the button. All the information is available for people to make successful marketing campaigns, it just comes down to how well you interpret that information. Obviously PPC is not the only way to attract customers on your site, it must be completed with SEO, so your website is well optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing etc. 

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