Should I save or invest my money?

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The Difference between Saving and Investing


This is all about putting money on the side so that it accumulates to a certain amount that you want. In most cases, people save for specific things like holidays, a deposit on a car or any kind of asset. Nevertheless, saving simply means you are putting money on the side so that you can buy what you aim to buy. You might be those people who save to play online casino crazyvegas games. That is coming up with a good bankroll so that you can gamble responsibly.


This is different from saving. Investing is taking some of your money and making it grow by purchasing things that you believe will increase in value. For instance, you can opt to buy shares, property or stock.

Who should save?

Setting up an emergency fund

Everyone should make every effort to accumulate an emergency savings fund. Three months’ worth of living expenses should be stored in an instant access savings account as a general guideline.Dont take all your salary to best high roller casinos UK to play games, because you not guaranteed to win

Having your emergency fund simply means that you have financial security in the event that something goes wrong.

Keep Voting

Now that you have an emergency fund, it’s a good idea to set aside at least 10% of your monthly earnings (or as much as you can afford). Set savings goals for yourself and put aside enough money to buy what you desire. This could be a down payment on a home, a wedding, or a vacation. You could also begin to consider investing your funds.

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