Advantages Of Online Surveys

We have all filled out plenty of surveys in our lifetime, but gone are the days where you have to stand in the street struggling to fill out a form on a clipboard. Technology has made the whole process of surveys very simple indeed.

It is now possible for you to create or answer a survey in the comfort of your own home. I used a survey maker recently and the only thing I am disappointed about is that I hadn’t found it sooner.

Here are some top reasons why I will only do online surveys from now on.


It’s Fast

It’s been shown that people can wrap up a survey project using an online platform over 60% faster than compared to the more traditional of research methods. The feedback given on the surveys is collected automatically, that eliminates any need to keep waiting for the papers to be returned because the response time is pretty much instantaneous.


It’s Cheaper

I think it is quite obvious that if you opt to use online tools for a survey you will greatly reduce your costs. Firstly you have to consider the cost it takes to send out surveys in the post, then the time you have to put in entering the data onto a computer. Online you get the feedback recorded automatically and you’re able to check on the results at any time. There are several online services such as Typeform that will save you a great deal of money.


It’s More Accurate

When we compare recording responses on a computer or by traditional methods, there will only be one winner when it comes to accuracy. When people fill out the survey online there is less chance for error because the feedback is going straight into the system. If you employ traditional methods you’re relying on staff, this leaves the door open to human error. It’s a very repetitive process, you need to have staff being 100% attentive and also being able to input the details accurately.


It Can Ce Analysed Quickly

As mentioned above, the data is uploaded to the system instantly. This gives you the opportunity to monitor results very easily at any time. As you start to collect and read the data you will be able to adapt or perform tasks quickly to improve your study – you’ll be able to draw up graphs, share results with your colleagues and also focus on certain data for in depth analysis.

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