Having An Email Marketing Service Is A Must

I am sure that if you work online or in sales you have heard that email marketing is seen as king. The reason for this is because a study showed that for every one dollar you put in you will get $40.56 back. Of course people will point to the rise and importance of social media, but remember that people receive notifications about those accounts in their emails!

So by now I am sure you’re sold on the importance of an email marketing service. Trying to do email marketing by yourself can be quite a minefield – if done incorrectly then you might be in danger of harming your business.

Here are some great reasons why you shouldn’t try to do it all by yourself:

The Blacklist

If you think you can send out mass marketing emails from your personal account then you need to think again. You run the real chance of your IP address being blacklisted by your provider, this is because they will list you as spam. If you hire an email marketing service they will have methods in place to make sure nothing like that happens.

Managing Subscribers

If you try to do the emails by yourself, how does someone subscribe to be on your emailing list and how do they then unsubscribe? If you have to manually take subscribers on and off a list it will take a huge amount of time and effort. An email marketing service will make this whole process extremely simple, they allow subscribers to unsubscribe or subscribe – there is no need for a manual input.


Effective Campaigns

When you’re running a business you should make sure that you use all the tools out there that may lessen your workload. If you have a service that can help you reach people by sending automatic follow ups, cuts through daily sending limit, by passes spam filters, and can personalise your campaign, you will certainly have less to worry about. It’s almost like using a sales assistant, which in turn gives you more time to focus on other avenues for sales.

Have you used an email marketing service before? I would love to hear all about your experiences, tips and more. Just pop your thoughts in the comment section below. I am looking forward to reading everything you want to share.

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