Hardest Interview Questions of 2017

If you had job interviews in 2017, you might have found yourself more than a little stumped by some of the questions. Beacon Resources is here to help you know just how tough those questions were and how to respond to them should you hear them again in the future.

“Why Were You Fired?”

Rather than voluntarily quitting or being let go from your last job, you might have been fired. If you were, you’ll want to keep your response to this question short and to the point. You’ll also want to demonstrate the lessons you learned from being terminated and how it helped you reshape your career trajectory if you felt doing so was necessary.


“How Do You Handle Stress?”

Stress is inevitable with practically any job. For instance, those with accountant jobs might feel stretched during tax season. Employers want to know how you react and cope with stress, and if and how you’ll be able to soldier on while stressed. Remember, stress can be a useful learning scenario when looked at as an opportunity.


“How Do You Handle Repetition?”

You might be someone who thrives on variety, but there could be times where you have to endure a bit of monotony. Knowing how you deal with repetition lets hiring managers know if they can expect the quality of your work to stumble when you have to perform tasks over and over. Here, you can show how repetition gives you the chance to perfect each step of a process and look for ways to improve on that process.


“Why Do You Want to Change Jobs?”

Your answer to this particular question should be one that displays a willingness to advance your career while working with the company you’re interviewing with to help them improve. You also want to try your best to paint your last job in a positive light.

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