The Health Benefits Of Coffee

If you’re like me then coffee plays a big role in your daily life. I need to power up my coffee machine first thing in the morning and get that all important caffeine fix before I start my day. Then mid morning when I sit down at my laptop there’s always a freshly brewed cup in my hand. The good news is that not only does coffee wake me up, get me feeling human again and give me the energy needed to power through work, it also has plenty of healthy benefits for both body and mind.

Knowing that there are health benefits in that black gold makes each cup taste that little bit better. So the next time you’re renewing that all important coffee subscription, here are some health benefits that will come along with it.

Improves Your Mood

Studies have shown that coffee is an anti-depressant and that people who have 2 cups a day are 50% less likely to commit suicide – that’s from a Harvard Study published back in 2013. Each cup of coffee you drink helps the body to produce dopamine, that’s the hormone which is connected to happiness.

Enhances Your Memory

Not only will coffee improve our mood but it will to improve our memory. A research paper from John Hopkins proved that your memory will be enhanced by coffee – the paper reported that caffeine reduces the chance of forgetting information over a 24 hour period.

It Burns Calories

There’s no harm in drinking something that helps you lose a few pounds. Coffee helps with weight loss due to the fact that it quickens up our metabolism. All research shows that metabolism is boosted by caffeine, depending on which study you look at the increase can be anywhere between 5 to 10 percent.

It’s Full of Antioxidants

Now this one might shock you! An average cup of coffee packs a real punch and when it comes to antioxidants its better than a glass of grape juice or a handful of blueberries. So instead of having a glass of orange juice in the morning a freshly brewed cup of coffee may be much better for you.

Do you like a cup of coffee? I’d like to hear all about why you drink coffee, why you can’t live without it and how it improves your day. All you need to do is pop your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys!


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