Pennsylvania Is The Place To Go This Year

As one of the original 13 colonies of America, Pennsylvania is full of history, famous food and much more. When I was last there a funny thing happened because I used the Pennsylvania lottery bonus code offer and ended up winning$100, it gave the locals a good laugh and they seemed to celebrate the win more than me. The people here are super friendly and are always making sure visitors are well taken care of.

History is one of the main reasons to visit the state but besides that there are plenty more reasons to go.

The Cheesesteaks

We’ve all heard of the famous Philly cheesteaks and some of you may have tried one back home, but the fact of the matter is that you’ll never find one as mouth watering as the ones you’ll devour in Philadelphia. Locals are extremely passionate about where you can get the best in town, when you speak to them I am sure they’ll have a divided opinion. I would have to say that Pat’s King of Steaks was my favourite with Geno’s coming in a very close second. Let me know if you have any favourites.

The History

To really understand more about the history of America it is an absolute must to visit Gettysburg National Military Park, this is where one of the most famous battles during the civil war took place. It is famous because it is here that the Union started to take control of the war and eventually be victorious. There are even hotels that have signs saying that George Washington was once a guest – you can find them on a civil war trail which you can follow across the state.

It’s Home To Hershey’s

The most famous chocolate in the world is made here in Hershey, Penn. I’m sure we’re all guilty of eating an unhealthy amount of Hershey’s once or twice. Everyone loves paying a visit to the factory and seeing how the chocolate is made, whether it’s the kisses, syrup or bars you enjoy you will be able to see how it’s all made here. After you’ve seen how it’s created head over to HershyPark for some fun on the themed rides and to get pictures with the Hershey characters.

If you’re been to Pennsylvania please do let us all know what you thought of the place and let us know what we should do there. Just add your thoughts in the comment section below, thanks for sharing guys!

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