Here’s Why I Love All Inclusive Resorts

Are you thinking about going on an all inclusive holiday this year, but you’re not completely sold about it being worth the extra money? I understand where you’re coming from, so I have put together a list of top reasons why I love all inclusive resorts.

You will find that the type of all inclusive offers will differ from each resort. This can be with the food, activities and also drinks included. There are many all inclusive resorts bonuses that you can take advantage of if you book a the right time, so keep a close eye out for them.

So, here are my top reasons to go to an all inclusive resort this year:

To Relax

When booking any trip the thing you need to think about is what type of holiday you are looking for. If your idea of a perfect holiday is to be lounging by the pool with a cool drink in hand then the all inclusive resorts are the place for you. At the resort it means you don’t have to think about going hungry because all the restaurants will be close by.


Another thing to consider is where exactly you want to go. For example, if you are traveling to Bali, food and drinks are quite cheap, so booking a B&B might prove more cost effective. Whereas if you want to head to the Canary Islands then the hotels there with great facilities, activities, children’s clubs and restaurants will prove to be much more friendly on your wallet.


Value is one of the main reasons why people choose to book an all inclusive resort. You really can find great value for money; meals, drinks, snacks and activities all taken care of, it’s a great way to make everything more affordable. If you’re the type of group that loves to have a few drinks on your holiday you can chill out because you know that you can get a beer, cocktail or spirits at anytime of the day and not have to pay more.

No Hidden Costs

When I travel without using an all inclusive resort I find it difficult to stick to a certain budget. But when at the resort I know what I’ve spent and know that pretty much everything there will be covered, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with hidden charges which can sometimes ruin the mood of your holiday. All you need to budget for is emergencies and days out, plus of course the shopping you’ll be doing in the local markets.

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