Outsourcing Your SEO Is The Way Forward

An increasing number of companies are finally realising how much benefit SEO marketing can have on their businesses. As people start focussing more on this kind of marketing on the internet, the question should be asked  – is it better to keep in-house or outsource your efforts?

Of course both have their pros and cons, but I would say that for the majority of companies, outsourcing your SEO is the way forward.

Here are the reasons why I think outsourcing SEO should be seen as outsourced growth:

It’s Affordable

The two main factors, cost and result, should both be the reasons why you opt to outsource or keep it in house. In the short term you might see that having your existing staff do your SEO will save money, but the reality is that it will not in the long term. The reason for that is because you will be focussing your staff effort away from other areas. If you like the idea of hiring a fulltime SEO pro then remember they will come with a very big wage bill. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck when you outsource.


Opportunity Costs

To carry out a search marketing campaign takes a certain set of skills, these skills take time to learn and need be carried out correctly. If you try to train your staff these new skills it will cost both time and money. If staff aren’t focussing on what they were hired for it can lead to your business losing revenue. You also won’t be able to know if your staff will be effective and how long it will take to learn. So it makes perfect sense to get in contact with an outsourcing company that has a staff of trained specialists.


Use The Right Tools

SEO companies don’t simply rely on their sharp brains to get by, they use a variety of special online tools to make sure they have effective campaigns. The tools that they have at their disposal cost a decent amount of money and need trained people to understand how to use them. Unless you are looking to have more than two people working in-house on the campaign, it’s going to use up time and money to get the desired results. This again goes to show that outsourcing search marketing to the pros, that have specialist tools to use regularly, are the way forward.

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