Hosting Reviews for Small Businesses

Reading reviews of fellow users is always the best way to go in my opinion. I would say that nearly all of them are unbiased and fair, they also give you an insight into the experiences of people just like you and me. I have learnt so much from from reading hosting reviews for small businesses.

Making sure that you choose the correct web host for your small business is absolutely essential, any issues that you may have along the line could cause you to lose both time and money. So make sure you choose wisely.

As well as reading the reviews of others, here are some other great tips to follow before you put pen to paper.

Use a Large, Reputable Company

Small business bosses are more than aware of the difficulties associated when it comes to growing a business, but where web hosting is concerned it is best to opt for larger companies. The reason for this is because they have the resources to offer things such as; 24/7 support for tech issues, defend cyberattacks, use the latest technology, and more often than not they will provide the most cost effective and reliable service.


Know The Choices

When you are going through the process up signing up to web hosting you’ll have three simple choices: Shared hosting, hosting that is dedicated and also VPS hosting. The general rule of thumb is that the smaller businesses out there are just fine if they choose the shared hosting option. If your site is advanced or you’re selling things on your e-commerce site, then you will need to opt for VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting is not always needed, if you have a tech team in-house then they will inform you if you need to switch to this type of hosting.


Don’t Use Your Usual Web Guy

Most small business owners have someone who takes care of everything web related, and this might lead to you considering hosting your site on their private server – this should never be an option. If for some reason you sack your web guy then you’ll have to go through the whole awkward process of getting everything switched to the new host. It could be even worse that that, if you have a bad break up then your web person may make things very difficult by asking for a large fee to switch the site over. It is essential for your site to be hosted in a neutral place, a place where you hold the keys to the castle. If you sack a member of staff you can simply take away their access to the site, this avoids so many unwanted issues.

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