How to Become a Political Consultant

Political candidates depend on their campaign teams and political consultants to win an election. If you aspire to be a political consultant, you need to understand your roles and responsibilities first. A political consultant prepares media strategies for a candidate and sells the candidate’s ideas to the public. The consultant may also be involved in responding to the candidate’s opponents and addressing any issues that may ruin the candidate’s image. Political consultants sometimes conduct polls to determine how the public feels about their candidate. Once you understand the major roles, here are some next steps to take to build a successful career in politics.

Attain Relevant Education

You can become a successful political consultant without a university degree. However, many candidates prefer to work with university graduates. Consider enrolling in a degree program in a reputable institution. George Washington University is among the top universities that offer competitive degree programs in political science. You can also pursue a political management degree in the same institution. The degree program helps you attain the relevant skills and knowledge in running a successful political campaign. Consider the location of the institution as well because some candidates are specific about the location. Choose a university in a capital or major city to increase your chances of getting a job or internship after your graduation.

Gain Experience

Experience in the field is important if you intend to work with top political candidates. The good news is that you can gain experience while pursuing your degree program. Look for internship programs or participate in a political campaign whilst still in school. Some teams take interns even before enrolling in any college or university.

The advantage of working as an intern before, during, or after your studies is that you gain a clear understanding of the roles of a political consultant. For instance, some consultants work throughout a campaign period with no clear roles or working hours. You can make an informed decision about your career after participating in a real campaign and experiencing the challenges involved.


Once you attain the relevant education and gain basic experience, it is time to build a strong network. Your network will influence your ability to get well-paying jobs. If you start building your network early, you will climb the corporate ladder fast. Remember that many graduates are competing for the same top jobs in the political field. Join professional groups and stay in touch with your classmates and tutors even after your graduation. Be proactive in asking for a promotion at your place of work and apply for better jobs while you work. Consider enrolling in the George Washington University online masters’ program in political management to improve your competitiveness.


Political consultants dream of working with top political candidates with high chances of winning an election. However, you may not get such a position immediately after your graduation. Be willing to work with any candidate who offers an opportunity even as an intern. You will gain experience as you participate in different campaigns and make contacts in the field to get a good head start.

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