5 Important Traits Every Business Executive Should Possess

When it comes to being a business executive, what defines you are the traits you possess, which are recognized among some of the world’s most successful leaders. If you are in a position of leadership and are on your way up the corporate ladder, these are the traits you should embody. Many are skills which can be learned with a degree in business administration from schools like Norwich University and others are inherent personality traits that show you have the makings of a great leader, a business executive.

1. The Ability to Spot the Right Talent for the Job

When it comes to great leaders, one man the world can always look up to is the late Steve Jobs. Most people don’t know this about Steve, but he personally hired more than 5,000 people for jobs at Apple because he had a handle on knowing who was right for the position in question. That’s an interesting bit of ‘trivia’ when you think of all the other global corporations the size of Apple that devote entire HR departments to recruiting top talent.

2. Ambition, Drive and Perseverance

Not only does a great leader need an abundance of ambition and drive, but also the perseverance to stick with a project when things seem to be falling apart. It also takes knowing when to give up, but if you had a clear vision in the beginning, a great leader will make executive decisions to bring things back on track. Perhaps it’s best said that a good business executive knows when to persevere and has the drive and motivation to stay on track.

3. Understanding of the Principles of Commerce

When you’ve earned a Norwich University MBA, you know that you have a solid background in the principles of commerce. No matter what your industry, there are sound principles that will help you succeed in a highly competitive world and you can learn from the experience of others, as well as through a solid education track, like you can find here.

4. An Eye Ever on the Future

Not only must a business executive keep focused on the business at hand, but they must also have an eye on the future. Technology is ever-advancing and so a great executive knows how to use that to his or her advantage. How can you streamline processes now so that you can move into the future with a minimal amount of effort and distraction? It is said that technology is the way forward in every industry, so keeping an eye on the future means keeping up-to-date with technology that will help you grow within your field.

5. Team-Centric Focus

Finally, great leaders know that nothing can be accomplished on their own. No one knows absolutely everything there is to know about their industry and why it is so important to build a strong team of like-minded leaders. Just as Jobs was able to spot great talent when talking to students at seminars or job applicants at headquarters, so too must you learn to pick team leaders who know that every organization need a team-centric focus.

Do you have these traits? This is what you need to be a successful business executive and if you are willing to work at it, you can be a great leader too.



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