How online reviews are shaping the way businesses operate 

The term “word of mouth” has existed for many moons. However, it’s something that has undoubtedly turned on its head over the last few years, mainly due to the power of the internet.

Let’s not forget that this was a term that tended to refer to traditional marketing, and the process of customers referring other people to a business they had bought from in the past.

This still exists, and is still very common. However, online word of mouth has become even more popular, and this is fueled by reviews.

As we all know, there are several trusted review platforms and they can have a huge impact on the way businesses operate. Let’s now take a look at some ways in which they are playing a part, and how you can use them to help your own company.

The power of immediate feedback

Let’s start with one of the less obvious ways companies are really tapping into the power that online reviews present.

Some companies take these reviews so seriously that they install large screens in their headquarters. These screens, similar to the digital signage by Cenareo, are constantly updating and relaying the latest customer feedback to decision-makers.

Suffice to say, this isn’t some sort of way in which companies have their egos massaged. Sure, the positive feedback is well received, but the negative reviews provide the actions and by seeing these on a regular basis it soon becomes clear on what policies need changing.

Customer service has now been brought to the internet

There was once a time where the majority of customer service was conducted over the phone. Then, came in the internet, and emails gradually came into the picture.

Well, times have changed again. The emergence of all of these review websites has meant that some companies will dedicate employees to simply respond to reviews on said platforms. This might not just be in relation to the negative feedback as well; some will make an effort to respond to each and every comment that heads their way.

Whether or not this is the correct approach is debatable, and some believe that replying to every review under the sun almost doesn’t feel authentic. However, the point stands that companies are taking the job of responding to these reviews more seriously than ever before.

“The customer is always right” motto has never been truer

The previous point leads really well onto this final one. One of the most common phrases in the customer service field has been “the customer is always right”. Well, in some cases, this is now truer than ever before.

As we touched upon, some companies will make it their aim to respond to each and every review about their service. If you were to analyze a lot of these reviews, most of them fall under the apologetic category. In short, trying to embroil themselves in an online argument is an absolute PR disaster – so managing these reviews can relate a lot to brand reputation as well.


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