Developing Your Artistic Eye, Las Vegas Suites Draped With Fine Art

What is it that makes a Las Vegas suite luxurious, marble bathrooms, in-room service, space, design, amenities? It is of course all of the above but beyond that it is the delightful touches which you can find that really contribute towards making a suite as lavish as possible, and of those touches it is artwork which really adds character and style. Of the suites in Vegas 28% of them have bespoke artwork on the walls, and in these suites you can expect gallery-level quality right in your room. Betway have done some research on artwork which features in some of Vegas’ most luxurious suites, and here are some of the results.


The Nobu Villa 


The Nobu brand is all about East meeting West, Asian style cookery and culture which has been given the Vegas twist, and their suite at Caesars Palace is no different. Throughout the suite you can expect to find materials such as light wood, rice paper and stone which contribute towards the oriental feel. The walls are simplistically designed with modern artwork which echo the sentiment of the room, and which wouldn’t be out of place in a gallery of fine art. 


Encore Three Bedroom Duplex


This suite at the Encore has it all, space, style, extravagance, service and everything that a discerning luxury traveler could hope for. Amongst the amenities and the space you will find the palatial theme come to life with intricate design and classic art on the walls. Every room and living space features classic white columns which add volume to the room and they help to set off the incredible pieces of art which you will find on the walls, bold paintings which add an extra dimension to each room. 


Napoleon Suite 


This is a suite which is certainly fit for royalty and its design perfectly lends itself to regality with its long velvet curtains, marble bathroom, in-house piano and furniture of the highest quality. The artwork on the walls here is much more subtle than in other suites, with small masterpieces throughout the bedrooms which perfectly compliment the fabric walls, and large, watercolor pieces in the main living areas to bring life to the space. Here the walls themselves are like pieces of art with intricately designed entrances and murals which all help to bring to life this royal palace design. 


The Linq Penthouse 


The Linq Penthouse offers a real splash of modernism with its eclectically designed walls of bold colors and street art inspired pieces. This is very much a suite for those looking to have a great time in Vegas and the quirky and modern design of the suite is borne from the exciting and modern artwork which adorns the walls. 


If you want art, these are the suites to stay in.  


Strip Hotels Top Suite Art? Prices from per Night $
Caesars Palace The Nobu Villa Yes $35,000
Encore Encore Three Bedroom Duplex Yes $4,840
Paris Napoleon Suite Yes $4,000
The Linq The Linq Penthouse Yes $700
Bally’s Penthouse Suite Yes $535
Sahara Blanca Penthouse Yes $300
Tropicana Paradise Suite Yes $97


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