Why I Use Bonwi.Com

Travelling has long been a passion of mine and I always love to travel in style, even if my bank says otherwise. One of the ways I manage this is to use points systems to save money on hotels, flights and car rentals anywhere in the world. It’s not only a great way to make sure I can travel extensively, but it helps me save money for other things as well – such as going on excursions when I’m in a different place, or treating my loved ones to nice meals out when I’m at home.

If you’ve been looking for ways to save money when travelling but you aren’t sure where to start, check out these great reasons why I use Bonwi.com so you can get started saving money, travelling more and worrying less, just like I do.

Easy To Use

The nicest thing about Bonwi is probably how easy the site is to use. It’s clean and crisp with a really user friendly way about it that helps you find what you’re looking for with ease, showcasing the search functions right at the top with other tabs and pages clearly displayed. The searches take slightly longer than other sites, but with thousands and thousands of great deals to be hunted for, it’s worth the wait. Booking is quick and simple too, whether you’re using your points or you’re booking with a credit card, with easy to follow instructions and clear, concise wording that helps you know exactly what you’re doing each step of the way.

Great Customer Service

If you’re ever stuck with Bonwi for any reason, their customer service can’t be beat. They have a dedicated team of staff on hand to help answer questions or solve problems you might be having. There’s even a live chat option with with trained staff to answer your queries when you have them, along with a comprehensive FAQ section that answers most commonly asked questions so you can find those answers you need in no time at all.

Amazing Points Rewards

Points can be used for a number of great products and services and the redemption amount starts from as little as 10,000 for a $100 gift card to popular places or for popular high street style shops. For flights, the points needed equates to a point per penny (USD) for airline tickets, so a $200 ticket would cost you 20,000 Bonwi points which is a pretty good deal when you consider the speed at which you can collect them! For every booking you make on Bonwi you get a plethora of points, even if you’re booking for other people, so it’s a great website to have a membership to if you have friends or family who travel frequently for business or pleasure, why not book their hotels for them through Bonwi and benefit from the awesome perks for yourself?

Awesome Redemption Policy

Whether you’re an avid traveller or you just travel a bit here and there, you really should check out Bonwi and their amazing points system. If you aren’t a traveller, it’s not a problem – even just using them for hotels in nearby towns will get you points you can put toward gift cards you’d definitely use. You can even get points when you book for others, so consider getting your frequent traveller friends to use Bonwi to book their getaways to help you get more perks for doing nothing! It’s a total win-win situation with Bonwi, whether you use it personally or not, and with so many cool rewards to redeem your points toward, it’s no wonder so many people are using the site. Choose between flights, hotels, car rentals and gift cards, all amazing perks and benefits to using Bonwi. With all travel based rewards there’s no blackout dates either, meaning you can use your points however and whenever you want.

If you’re looking for a great points-based reward program with no frills or gimmicks, Bonwi is the one for you. There’s so many great perks to using Bonwi – from the masses of points you can collect quickly all the way down to the great customer service and rewards you can get just from booking hotels or car rentals through their site. Don’t forget that you earn on redemptions too, and you don’t pay any tax or fees either. With all that in mind, I have to say – you really should sign up with Bonwi today and start collecting points to use on all your future travels.

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