What is New Media?

We often hear the phrase New Media banded around but do you actually understand what it means? Today we are going to take a look into this thing that they call New Media to proved you with some information on what exactly it is and how you can use it to benefit you, although it is likely that you already are using it, unknown to you.

Without further ado then, let’s take a look at New Media.

In a Nutshell

Essentially new media is all forms of media that exist in the digital realm and that are accessed by computers. If you think about all of the different types of media which people would have used in the 80s or early 90s, these have not really changed, but the method by which we view them and use them has changed dramatically since they have taken to the digital world.

What Forms of New Media Do We Have?

We have several types of new media available  to us and this blanket term applies to online magazines and newspapers, social movements which exist online, websites, social media and all other forms of digital media that we have at our fingertips such as applications on our phones and tablets and even down to online information sites such as those provided by directories like Wikipedia and governmental websites.

Impact of New Media

The use of media on digital platforms has completely transformed media on the whole and the way in which we view it and interact with it. Take for example a newspaper’s website, reading a page of their physical paper is all well and good and we can see a supportive image and the story itself. Now if you consider reading this online, you will have the story and the images, but you can also view videos relating to the story, the newspaper can add links to relevant stories to broaden your knowledge and you can even share the story across social media platforms in a  click of a button making media far more inclusive.

Data Collection

Whether or not you consider this a benefit or not remains up to you but the use of new media has created an even greater understanding of data and how companies can collect it to learn more about you. This can be used by businesses when they are putting together a marketing strategy for particular demographics or for people who enjoy similar things. New media has given us the power to tailor-make our online experience as well and you only need to look at something like Facebook, who’s algorithm helps to ensure that your news feed is filled with the stuff that you love the most.

Future of New Media

The digital world has given way to many new forms of media which we previously didn’t have and it has radically changed the landscape of media on the whole. As new media progresses, we should expect to see things become even more tailor-made to our likes and dislikes, as well as making media far more accessible throughout all devices which we have in our lives.

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