Using Lean Management to Grow Your Business Sustainably

If you want your business to not only thrive but also grow, you will need to be able to sustainably deliver value to your customers. For this reason, many people have either already, or are looking to, use the lean business methodology that provides businesses with the skills to always deliver value, even in a constantly changing market. With lean business development, you can grow your business in a smart and principled way that will lead to customer value always being at the core of what you do. Carry on reading if you want to know more about lean management techniques and how you can use it in your business to grow it sustainably.


Optimise Your Business

When we speak about resources in a business, not only do we mean raw materials, we are also talking about the other things that are a little bit harder to imagine such as knowledge, time, skill and employee energy. Part of implementing lean management is about optimising limited resources and making the very best of them. To do this, you must first understand how your workflow operates and then work to see how you can ensure each part of the organisation is working towards the greater goals of the company.


Eliminating Waste

When we talk about eliminating waste, people often tend to automatically think that this instantly means cutting jobs and cutting budgets. This is not the case at all, however, and when we talk about eliminating waste, what we really mean is that you need to get rid of anything that is not adding value to the customer. This can, of course, look different to every company depending on the industry that you are working in as this could be a process that doesn’t add any value or unnecessary complexity in decision making. You need to identify this in your business and the team must hold each other accountable when trying to improve these processes. The aim here should always be how you can deliver greater value to your customers but in a quicker, more sustainable way.


Managing the Work Flow Effectively

Part of the lean management principles is that completed work is the only work of value and until it is in the hands of the customers, it is not work anything. So, this means that as a company you will be looking to get your product or service into the hands of the customer as quickly as you possibly can. This is definitely something that is easier said than done as most businesses with have a lot of distractions and burdens that make it hard to make this process as smooth as possible. So, if you want speed in your business then you have to reward this kind of delivery.

Employees should have a working environment where they can focus on the work that they are doing and keep the flow of work moving smoothly. Using online tools can help with continuous improvement and lean management as you can see exactly what work is being assigned to who and you can see where there are any bottle necks in the workflow system that are holding up the other stages. This shows you the areas in which you need to invest in to continue with your sustainable growth.


Improving Processes and Resources

When you first started out your business, you could probably easily use lots of home grown systems and your own knowledge to complete most of the work. This is necessary when you are first starting a business to keep costs low, however, it is not sustainable if you are looking to grow your company. As part of the lean principle management, you will need to be continuously improving your processes to bring you up to a level of speed and accountability that allows for sustainable growth. As a company, it is your job to create a workplace that retains high-quality employees and that favours team stability, so you can continue to grow.


Make Timely Decisions

As part of the lean management for continuous improvement model, you will want to think about when exactly you are going to make decisions. As part of this model, it is recommended that you make any decisions at the last responsible moment as this will mean you will have all of the latest and most relevant information to make a good decision on this and you can use real, customer driven data to do so. When you make decisions too far in advance, you don’t know if this is going to help with delivering value to your customers and can be costly to your business.


Apply the lean management process in your business today to watch it grow sustainably.

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