Saving Money For Your Travels

When you’re planning to go on holiday, especially if it’s for several months, making sure you save enough money for your trip is important. Often people are put off long term travel because they think there’s no way they’ll be able to have enough in the bank to make it possible. I understand the worries that people might have, but by making a few lifestyle changes you will be able to have enough cash to travel – granted it might take longer for some people but you can get there in the end!

Here are few really easy tips I follow to make sure I can keep on traveling the world.

Pass On The Parties

It is always fun to hit the town with your mates and have a wild night, we all enjoy it. But I think we all know that those nights can be super expensive, if you account for drinks, food, taxis, entrance fees and more the cost really does stack up. It can cost over 150 pounds for a good night out, so why not just chill out at home and save that money. Enjoy a takeaway and netflix which is just as fun. I’ve been staying in for a while now and that’e when I found the sugarhouse bonus code which was awesome because I actually won some money online to add to my travel fund! You do need to hangout with your mates but maybe just limit it to once a month – an easy way to save those pounds!

Pack Your Lunch

When you’re heading to your job Monday to Friday more often than not people will buy their lunch on their break and even buy a snack during the day. Imagine that you spend about 15 pounds a day on snacks and food, that’s 75 pounds a week. The reality is that if you pack your own lunch and bring in a snack with you, you’ll probably be able to do it for a fraction of 75 pounds. It takes very little time to make your lunch the night before, put in the fridge and grab it when you’re on the way out the door the next morning. I found that I often ate a lot healthier too, plus the fact I think we enjoy food more if we made it ourselves. Give it a go for a month and you will see how much money you save – it’s easy to do!

Layoff The Latte

Every morning when I walk to work I pass numerous coffee shops and they’re all packed, in the office it seems like everyone is walking around with a Starbucks coffee in their hands. I was guilty of doing the same thing for so long, until I finally realised how much money I was wasting. A latte will set you back on average about 5 pounds, and if like me you had two a day that’s 10 pounds! 10 pounds a day on coffee is way too much money to be spending and that money would be much better being spent on a beautiful beach in Thailand. If you do need coffee then just bring your own to work and make it there. That will cost you about 10 pounds for the month – so you’ll save 190 pounds a month – in just 6 months you’ll have saved over a thousand pounds which is more than enough for your flight to anywhere in the world.

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