5 reasons why you should use thermal printing

Thermal printing is a long-running form of printing that is being used in a wide variety of sectors including shopping malls, gas stations, grocery stores, catering, gaming houses, lottery systems, coffee shops, and more. These printers do not use ink. Instead, they use heat to print on thermal paper that has a specialized coating on its surface. Good quality thermal paper rolls can provide speedy, reliable, and high-definition printing.

Even after many advanced technologies in printing were introduced, thermal printing remains more popular than ever. Why?!  Here are a few of the reasons why thermal printers are better and popular.

Faster printing

Conventional printing can get complicated and slow most of the time. This is mostly because the process involved in transferring the ink onto the paper is really slow. Since thermal printing is inkless and uses a completely different process, it will be able to produce prints much faster than regular printers. An image is printed in just milliseconds. This means more lines can be printed in a second and the print dries instantly. For businesses, this increase in speed allows them to print receipts faster for their customers without keeping them waiting.


No other printing available today can balance speed, accuracy, and quality like thermal printing. It is very vital for businesses that the information they are printing for their customers is legible and readable. Creating thousands and thousands of such accurate and high-quality prints is a challenge that only thermal printers can handle. The chemical reaction on the thermal paper used doesn’t involve any ink. So, there will not be any smears or smudges making the image or words hard to read.

Lower printing costs

When you are running a print-heavy business, it is important to consider the costs per print. Many conventional printers available today use expensive paper and ink. Replacing these will cost you even more than the printer itself. Thermal printing uses heat to generate images on paper. This means no more ink toners or cartridges. The only consumable need for such a printer is the thermal paper rolls. By using thermal printers, businesses can save a lot of their time and money.

Reliable and Durable

Unlike other ink printers, thermal printers are less complicated when it comes to moving parts. While conventional printers are constantly getting jams, a quality thermal printer is able to produce sharp, durable prints even under a constant and heavy workload. They are mostly not affected by sudden movements, climate, UV rays, soils, or then upsets. Thermal printers can be a reliable and durable asset to any business.

Low maintenance costs

Thermal printers give a new meaning to the term low maintenance. Lesser moving parts enable it to withstand any sudden movements or changes. It is durable and strong when it comes to handling heavy workloads on a regular basis. It does not use ink. So, there is no constant replacing of expensive ink or toner. All this makes it easy to save money through lower maintenance costs. The occasional wiping of the printer head is the only maintenance.

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