4 Quick Ways to Earn Cash Whilst Looking for a Permanent Job



Looking for a job can sometimes be a time-consuming process, especially now that more and more businesses go through lengthy processes for hiring, with several stages of interview between your application and actually starting the new job. Naturally, though, when you are looking for work you do not have all the time in the world to secure yourself some pay! It can therefore be useful to have some strategies in place for earning money in the short term while you are engaged in looking for your next permanent job. Here are just four ways that you can make money to supplement yourself while you are seeking out employment.


  • Work as a Temp


Working for a temping agency can be a very quick and easy solution when you need to work but are still looking for your next permanent opportunity. Temping agencies cover all kinds of work from office administration and reception work to waitressing and other hospitality jobs, and jobs in manufacturing and labouring. This means that whatever skill set you have, it is likely to be valuable to a local temping agency who will be able to find to you temporary work – you can find jobs with an immediate start from Staff Heroes. With a temping agency like this, you will also be able to notify them of your availability to work, so working around things like interviews shouldn’t be a problem.


  • The Gig Economy


Another way that people make money when they’re between jobs is to provide services on the gig economy. If you aren’t aware of what the gig economy is, it is working for companies like Uber and food delivery companies who allow you to make some quick money by using your free time and other resources you may have like your car. Some people continue to work on the gig economy as a sideline to make extra money even after they have found the permanent job that they were looking for.


  • Sell Some of Your Old Stuff


Another way to make some money quickly when you simply need to keep yourself afloat while you look for a permanent job is to sell some of the things you have using sites like Ebay or even at a classic car boot type sale. Most of us have some things that would be valuable to somebody else but which we don’t need to use anymore, and for the time it takes to list them online or go to a sale to sell them, you can get a pretty good return that could well be enough to see you through until your first pay day. Another way of using this method to make some extra money is to sell things that you make if you happen to have a talent for arts and crafts.


  • Online Freelance Work


A fourth way to make money while you are looking for your next job is to take on freelance work you can do at home using online freelancing sites. The type of work you can do can vary from writing blog posts or doing graphic design to providing services as a virtual assistant. This can be a good choice if you are looking for a job with a specific skill set because you will be able to demonstrate that you have been working using your skills even while you’ve been between employers. Freelance work can be incredibly flexible and can also be quite lucrative depending on the skills you have to offer.

While you are looking for a job there is no reason to feel that you have to panic about the temporary lack of income. Using any of these four methods you should be able to ensure that you don’t fall on hard times financially even if your job search takes longer than you would have hoped.

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