3 Ways to Make a Business Out of Selling Information

Around 10 years ago, there weren’t that many people who were working from home. Sure, there were a couple of companies who allowed select employees to complete their work duties from home, usually on a case-by-case basis, but it wasn’t the norm.

Various enterprising sorts began collecting the names of work-at-home employers, creating booklets and PDFs, and then starting to sell that information online. Strangely enough, that information was already listed on the web, but it just wasn’t organized in one place. After people started to catch on, the general consensus was that working from home was a scam altogether.

Of course, millions of people are currently working from home and pretty much everyone knows that there is nothing fraudulent about a company advertising work-at-home positions. What this example does is highlight the fact that there is a market for selling information, even if it isn’t proprietary in nature. Here are the three best ways for you to create a business that sells information without needing to dupe your clients.

1. Sell Drop-Shipping Information

Dropping-shipping is a really big market because it is appealing to novices as well as those who don’t have a lot of monetary resources. In short, a drop-shipper is a company that fulfills orders for you. Say that you have a website that sells cute and inexpensive jewelry targeted to teen girls. While you would probably get a lot of orders if you advertised via social media, you’d also spend most of your time actually boxing everything up and shipping it out. By selling the contact information of drop-shippers, you’d help small business owners increase their profits and save time.

2. Prepare and Sell Local Business Listings

There are some businesses that either don’t need to or want to get their own business websites. These same companies probably don’t even have an up-to-date listing in the White-pages. Instead, word-of-mouth and drop-in business are steady enough that they just serve the local community. There are entire businesses made up of exclusive business listings like these. You might have to beat the pavement to find the whereabouts of these illusive businesses, but you would also have access to some very exclusive information.

3. Connect Distributors to Businesses

Everything has value, even dirt. And speaking of dirt, there are companies that sell it by the ton. Likewise, there are businesses that need various types of soil and lots of it. So, what if you could make an entire business out of connecting product and raw material distributors to companies? Call yourself a facilitator or even a dream-maker, but this kind of business would essentially enable you to sell information as well. You might sell the information that you have on distributors to company owners, or handle the actual contracts and deals yourself.

When you are selling information that’s already available somewhere out there, all you are really doing is selling a convenience. Businesses that want information fast will pay for it. Explain the nature of your business up front and there won’t be any hard feelings concerning your services.


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