Brand Guidelines: Do You Need This for Your eCommerce Site?

Branding is more than the colours you use in your logo or the fonts in your messages, it has to do with the entire experience that customers get when they buy from you. There are a number of things which you might have overlooked that may turn out to be useful for your ecommerce site.  Read on to find out what they are.

Web push notifications

A great way to reach your site’s visitors is through web push notifications. They work both on mobile and desktop browsers and can serve as a compelling channel of communication. Part of what makes the user experience great is the personalisation and you can achieve that with web push notifications.

With features like audience segmentation and scheduling, you can have great control over how users receive your communications. By paying close attention to the frequency, timing, language and tone of your message, push notifications can be great forms of marketing which tie with your branding.


When running your ecommerce site, it is always advisable to have business insurance. Anything can happen, from a theft to damage to a customer’s property in the course of doing business. It can be damaging to your reputation if you don’t have the financial support you need to restock or compensate customers as soon as possible.

You might think you don’t need insurance since you’re a small ecommerce business, but as you expand and your business gets bigger, you’re going to have to deal with bigger risks which insurance can help protect you against.

Using social media in your branding efforts

The world before Facebook is not the same as the world after Facebook. Social media is wonderful for connecting with people and is one of the best ways to reach your customers directly. While you won’t thrive on every social channel since it can be tough to be present on all social media platforms at the same time, the key to social media for business is sticking to the ones that are better for helping you reach your target audience.

A compelling social profile and solid presence can do a world of good for your brand. Create a guideline for social media interactions and wow your audience with amazing visuals. Best of all, social media allows you to create a persona for your brand, one that your customers can relate with.

Try influencer marketing

One of the side effects of social media is the emergence of influencer marketing, which many brands have used to do wonders for their brands; branding, referrals and testimonials are extremely important because they can earn you customer trust.

Influencers are social media users who have thousands, if not millions, of followers. With influencers, it’s not just about the numbers, but how targeted they are and how much of an influence they have over their followers.

Your brand is everything, don’t hesitate to invest in it.


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