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‘Lost’ auction preview: What would you bid on?

Profiles in History has already listed 100 items in its ‘Lost’ Auction Preview! (Bidding starts this summer.) If Dharma-branded snacks and Virgin Mary statues presumably not stuffed with real heroin aren’t your speed, perhaps you’d prefer the Swan/Pearl computer or film projector, Locke’s wheelchair, Kate’s little airplane, Faraday’s journal, Sawyer’s reading glasses, Sun’s Pearl Necklace #1, or Crate of Approximately Two Dozen Crystallized Dynamite Sticks from the Black Rock?

I’m a little sad that Charlotte’s Messenger Bag didn’t get the “hero” status applied to Desmond’s Hero Backpack and Hurley’s Hero Striped Canteen — it seems Charlotte was not a hero; nor was Hurley’s portable CD player. (Kidding; I know what “hero” means and that all portable CD players are heroes.) Meanwhile, I’m guessing they’ll have to pay someone to take Nikki and Paolo’s Matryoshka Dolls Used to Hold the Stolen Diamonds.

Things I’m surprised to not see on the list: Hurley-size chicken bucket, life-size donkey wheel, that amazing blue VW van, and the oatmeal and chocolate brown blankets used to wrap up the Jacob and Man in Black babies in last night’s episode. (Touched by an Allison Janney!) Which Lost props would you want in your home…or garage?

“Lost: The Final Journey”

Episode Synopsis: A series retrospective with a focus on the final season. Also: behind the scenes of the series’ 2004 pilot episode; interviews with past and present cast members; a look at the series’ impact on popular culture. Original Air Date: May 23, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

ABC to Re-Broadcast Lost Pilot the Night Before Series Finale

Apr 22, 2010 10:23 PM ET

by Kate Stanhope

The Lost finale celebration just keeps getting bigger.

ABC plans to re-air the two-hour Lost pilot the night before the series finale, has confirmed.

Will you watch all five hours of the Lost‘s series finale night?

The first episode, which premiered Sept. 22, 2004, will air May 22 at 8/7c. The next night, May 23, ABC plans to air five hours of Lost-centric programming, including a two-hour preshow and recap, the two-hour series finale and a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Final Rose.

The news was first reported by The Wrap.

Lost vodcast with Nestor Carbonell

Here the new vodcast with Nestor talking about his episode

TV Guide’s Top Moment

TV Guide’s Top Moment

8. Best Surprise: On Lost, we learn that con man Sawyer has a different job in the alternate timeline: He’s a cop! A familiar-looking scene, involving a just-bedded hottie and a suitcase full of cash, is actually an LAPD sting op. (Nice touch: His code word is “LaFleur.”)

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