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Emilie de Ravin cast in “The Chameleon”

Marc-Andre Grondin, Ellen Barkin and Famke Janssen are starring in “The Chameleon,” a psychological thriller being directed by Jean Paul Salome.

Grondin, a French-Canadian actor nominated for a Cesar in France, is making his English-language debut, as is Salome.

The script, written by Salome and Natalie Carter, revolves around the reunion of a young man (Grondin) and his family after being positively identified in an unsolved missing-persons case. The reunion turns bittersweet when suspicions arise about whether he really is their son.

Barkin will play the mom, and Janssen is an FBI agent. Nick Stahl and Emilie de Ravin also star.

The project was inspired by a real person profiled in an August article in the New Yorker titled “The Chameleon: The Many Lives of Frederic Bourdin.” Bourdin assumed at least 39 identities, three of them missing teens.

Bill Perkins, Cooper Richey, Ram Bergman and Marie-Castille Schaar are producing. Perkins and Richey are also financiers.

ICM packaged the project and is handling North American rights. ICM also reps Salome.

Grondin, repped by ICM and Marc Hamou at Thruline, ap¬peared in “Che.”

The CAA-repped Barkin next appears in “Brooklyn’s Finest” opposite Richard Gere.

Janssen, repped by CAA and Brookside Management, co-stars in Pierre Morel’s “Taken” opposite Liam Neeson.

Daniel Dae Kim on the View

Naveen: Universal Imports – 24 Int’l Hotties

SEXIEST IN: The English Patient (1996)

As tortured ex-torturer Sayid Jarrah on ABC’s Lost, Andrews has perfected the slow-burn smolder. But as Kip, the Sikh bomb-diffuser in The English Patient, he captivates Juliette Binoche with his bright embrace of life, with a broad smile and effervescence we rarely-if-ever see in Sayid. That is, until tragedy strikes Kip, and Andrews unleashes his inner anguish to devastating, yet still pretty sexy, effect.,,20257220_7,00.html

EW Interviews Matthew and Evangeline

Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly.  This is a short clip that’s been released so far with their debate on science-fiction and it’s effects on the show.

Will Kate and Sawyer be an item again on ‘Lost’?

TV Evangeline Lilly

NEW YORK – If you thought the tortured tropical romance between Sawyer and Kate was over, you might be surprised by a future episode of “Lost,” according to Evangeline Lilly, who stars as Kate on the ABC thriller.

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Lost’s Charlie Is Alive! (On Tonight’s Chuck)

What happens when the two great tastes of Dominic Monaghan and Zachary Levi come together?

You can’t keep a certain Lost-and-Chuck-lovin’ TV diva away.

In the latest episode of the Watch With Kristin show (above), I hit the set of Chuck as Dom guest stars as a rock star. And yes, he is coming at you in 3-D! The episode airs tonight on NBC.

Speaking of crossovers, Friday Night Lights star Aimee Teegarden debuts on 90210 this week, and she’s joining Dustin Milligan to give you the lowdown on the accident and whether Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Ethan are on the outs.

Also, more news on the Arrested Development front, and Omar Epps weighs in on whether Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) will be killed off House.

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What’s up with Lost’s Nestor Carbonell not aging? And the ‘guyliner’?


Nestor Carbonell—who is again playing the mysterious, apparently ageless Richard Alpert in the fifth season of ABC’s Lost—told SCI FI Wire that he understands if viewers are a little disoriented by the show’s time-jumping storyline this year: So is he.

“I’m a little dizzy,” Carbonell admitted in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. “Initially, it took me, in the first episode, [a moment to figure out] ‘OK, when am I exactly? Where are we, and when am I?’ But, no, it didn’t take long. I think the viewers, after this episode [that aired Jan. 28], the show very much settles down, and you get the gist of the season, that you’re going to be dealing with some elements of time travel.”

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