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Best TV Shows of the Decade

2. Lost

Nobody could have predicted what this cult favorite had in store when audiences first met the survivors of Oceanic 815 in 2004. With its fragmented narrative and realistic treatment of unrealistic, supernatural and mind-bending subjects, this character drama has continually shocked and devastated us. Every new episode feels like an event. Here’s hoping the final chapter in the saga will be as satisfying and mind-blowing as the ones that preceded it.

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Best TV Shows of the Year


Sure, Lost‘s time-tripping fifth season was the most difficult to follow (at times even we had headaches and nosebleeds), but it also provided many weighty moments for the characters we’ve grown to love. Sawyer took on a leadership role and gave his heart to Juliet; Hurley helped Miles reunite with his long-last father; Jack finally tested the water of being a man of faith; and John Locke is, well, still dead. Throw in the introduction of Jacob and the death of Daniel Faraday, and it’s no wonder why we’re so eagerly anticipating the next and final season.


Some news spoilers by TV GUIDE

Some news spoilers by TV GUIDE

spoiler_alert_102_wHere it’s spoilers, so for people who don’t want to know, i’ll say read or not ! The only i can say is “Click to read it or not” !

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Emmy noms tomorrow: Who’s sure to be snubbed? Who should be nominated?

Per EW’s Ken Tucker today:

Best Lead Actor in a Drama: Sure To Be Snubbed: Josh Holloway, who’s overdue for Lost.

Best Lead Actress in a Drama: Sure To Be Snubbed:  Evangeline Lilly in Lost.


TV Guide’s picks to be nominated:

Best Drama Series
Lost: For keeping our attention through time and space

Best Actor in a Drama
Josh Holloway, Lost: For finding the hero inside the con man

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama
Jeremy Davies, Lost: For becoming the brains, and then the heart, of the operation

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama
Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost: For being da bomb


Stars Predict the End of Lost

The Lost cast is growing anxious to receive the first script of their final season, which goes into production late August. Before they get definitive answers, I asked them to come up with their own theories about how the mystery will get resolved.
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Top Chef Masters : How Lost Helped Her Win

Top Chef Masters : How Lost Helped Her Win

In this exclusive interview with tvguidemagazine.com, Suzanne Tracht, chef and owner of Los Angeles’ Jar restaurant, gives us the scoop on her love of Dr. Pepper, how it paid off to be a fan of Lost and her under-the-radar Round 2 win on Top Chef Masters.

When the challenge was introduced to cook dinner for some of the writers and creators of Lost, you seemed to be the only competitor familiar with the show. Why?
It’s on at a time at night when chefs are working. The first time I ever saw Lost, my son, Max, and I went to rent a video. I told him, “I heard that Lost is really good.” So we got the first season. We started watching it in the afternoon and before we knew it, it was time for bed.

So when you saw the array of island ingredients what did you think?
It was like Christmas on a table to me! I could live off of those foods every day—oysters, green mango, chicken, wild boar. I just thought, “Woo hoo. I’m going to cook everything!” So I imagined myself on a desert island. Then I thought, “What would John Locke do?” Then I opened up six coconuts and used the water to make a stock for risotto.

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Lost,…Patrick Fischler Can Take a Punch

He plays Phil.


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