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LOST on Nightline

Nightline featured a piece on the season premiere of LOST tonight:


ABC videos with the LOST CAST at TCA

here severals ABC videos with the cast at TCA.

Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly talk about the possibilities that the new andfinal season of Lost will bring. Josh mentions hoe he feels about Juliet’s death and if Sawyer and Kate could work as a couple?


Terry O’Quinn talks about the non-Locke mystery. Michael Emerson talks about the repercussions of killing Jacob. Both tease the season premiere and share their favorite scenes throughout the last five seasons and the mysteries that they’d like to see solved by the end of the series.


Daniel Dae Kim and Emilie de Ravin talk about their characters’ biggest losses if the island gets blown up. They also share what it’s like to lose characters on the show and see castmates leave. Finally they share what they’ll miss the most after the show ends and what Lost mystery they definitely want to see solved before they wrap.

skyone promo for lost season6

Very good way to make a promo don’t you think ?

source :skyone

Radio Interview with Terry O’quinn

BIG thanks at SL LOST for the head up on twitter, i didn’t get it from the beginning but i’m sure Terry’s fans (like me ^^) will enjoy this radio interview :)

Video : Lost cast at TCA ” what they want to know this season”

the wall street journal made an interview with the cast at TCA and asked them what they could love to know as mysteries

source : online.wsj.com

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