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LOST Parody on Family Guy

LOST was parodied on “Family Guy” again last night.  This time the family talked about going on vacation to LOST island, but Stewie didn’t want to be annoyed by Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jack, and Kate.  LOL  😉

Lost-Matthew Fox Parody on Family Guy

E! Online Interview with Zach Gilford from “FNL” About LOST

Just saw this funny interivew with Zach Gilford (Matt) from “Friday Night Lights” and Kristin at E! Online.  Kim Dickens (Cassidy) plays Matt’s mom, and they were discussing who Matt’s LOST father could be.  Is it Sawyer or Jack??? LOL  😉

Welcome to another paternity-scandal edition of The Jerry Springer Show, coming to you straight from Dillon, Texas!

OK, so really this is just a fun little interview I did while on the set of Friday Night Lights in Austin with Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen), where we talked baby daddies, as Sawyer’s baby mama Kim Dickens has been cast as Saracen’s mother on FNL.

Turns out, Zach’s a huge Lost fan, which makes me dig him all the more. You?

Check it out…

Zach Gilford talks LOST fathers

Life in Hawaii

Evangeline Lilly, Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway talk about life in Hawaii:

Random Scooplets from Ausiello

From The Ausiello Files:

Just because Rebecca Mader has been cast in some big, fancy George Clooney movie doesn’t means she’s leaving Lost, insists an ABC insider, who points out that Matthew Fox has been juggling a movie career and the ABC drama for years. (Of course, he’s Matthew Fox.)

Stand Up to Cancer

Several of the LOST cast members participated in the Stand Up to Cancer benefit yesterday. Photos are in the gallery and you can watch a video clip below.


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