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TV guide article : TOP moment of the week

1. Best Answer: [Deep exhale] What a relief! Thanks, UnLocke, for giving us one of the most satisfying answers we’ve ever gotten from Lost. “The numbers” are a sequence that Jacob assigned to six people from Oceanic 815 — passengers Shephard, Ford, Reyes, Jarrah, Locke and Kwon — who are candidates to replace him as protector of the island. But wait, why those numbers? And why those people? Jin or Sun Kwon? Why isn’t Kate on that list? Protect the island from what? Argh!

source : tv guide

Scans of EW magazine with Matthew Fox and Emilie De Ravin

Scans of EW magazine with Matthew Fox and Emilie De Ravin

Thanks The Odi for the scans of the new EW magazine, contains some spoilers for the next episodes.

more scans here : LM gallery

Video : New vodcast with Terry O’quinn

Upcoming EW cover with Matthew Fox and Emilie De Ravin

the brother and sister of LOST, the Luke and Leia of LOST i could say !
Sound like a reunion coming soon ?
Anyways here a look at an upcoming LOST cover from EW !

source : EW

2 sneak peeks for episode 6×05

Videos soundbite : (Spoilers) Jorge Garcia and Matthew Fox about epi 6×05

There is some spoilers about epi 6×05 on those videos so watch or not !

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