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Video : Lost cast at TCA ” what they want to know this season”

the wall street journal made an interview with the cast at TCA and asked them what they could love to know as mysteries

source : online.wsj.com

Emilie de Ravin’s interview about “Remember me” and Lost

Emilie de Ravin’s interview about “Remember me” and Lost

Hhere the part related to Remember me and his friendship with Rob

But as the actress made clear in an interview with MTV News, she’s taking it all in stride. For playing it so cool, and for the stellar year she’s about to have, we’re honoring de Ravin as one of our 10 to Watch in 2010 — the folks in the movie industry we expect big things from in the next 12 months. In a wide-ranging conversation, de Ravin gave us tantalizing hints about “Lost,” described dealing with the insane attention surrounding “Remember Me” and said she instantly connected with Pattinson when the pair first met.

MTV: You’re returning to a TV show everyone is obsessed with, you’re co-starring opposite one of the biggest actors on the planet — does 2010 feel like it’s going to be a really big year for you?

Emilie de Ravin: Yeah, I’m insanely excited. The show’s been fantastic, and I had season five off, so I had the opportunity to do some other projects, including “Remember Me.” Being surrounded by all these talented groups of people inspires you so much. And with the show ending, it’s bittersweet — sad, but fantastic they’re ending on a high note. You don’t want to be the last ones left at the party!

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Emilie De Ravin, Terry O’quinn and Michael Emerson interviews with skyone

For today Emilie and early next week : Naveen Andrews !
skyone told me

source : skyone

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More TCA Goodies

More TCA Goodies

‘Lost': Michael and Libby will be back! Plus: The cast’s fave moments!

The cast and producers of Lost spoke this morning at the TCA press tour about the show’s final season, set to premiere on Feb. 2. Showrunner Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof announced that Michael Perrineau (Michael) and Cynthia Watros (Libby) will be back during the climactic sweep of story — two characters we thought were dead. “The season premiere picks up right after the finale,” said Cuse, and then begged off from elaborating.

When the cast was asked about the premiere, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) said, “It’s big,” and Emilie de Ravin (Claire) added, “I had to read the premiere three times for it to make sense.” Her choice of words was interpreted by press (and Lindelof) to mean that the premiere is confusing. “That’s not helping!” Lindelof said with a laugh. “Get ready to be confused, America!” (The actress quickly clarified that the premiere is packed with info and developments, not that it’s incoherent.)

Cuse promised season 6 will be accessible for viewers who dropped away after the first couple seasons but are curious about how the whole series will turn out: “We’re doing something different in the narrative that doesn’t require deep and vast knowledge to get.” He said that those well-versed with season 1 will be well-positioned to be entertained by the final season. Cuse added that the end of Lost is not designed to launch a spin-off or continuation of the series, saying, “There’s no implanted sequel, no backdoor pilot.”

In addition, Cuse hinted that some upcoming promotions will offer more season 6 teases, and mentioned that mysterious bottles will be showing up with some clips from the premiere.

The cast and producers also talked about favorite moments or episodes:

Emilie de Ravin (Claire): “My favorite moments are when we’re all together, the original cast, hanging out like the old days. It’s nice getting back to that now [with the scenes the actors are shooting].”

Daniel Dae Kim (Jin): “The finale of the first season, the launching of the raft.”

Josh Holloway (Sawyer): “I like group scenes. They take two, three days to film. But if you position yourself just right while they’re shooting, you can cut up and have fun. I’ve become quite good at positioning myself to have that kind of fun.”

Evangeline Lilly (Kate): “Sangria Thursdays. It’s become a Season 6 tradition.” Her fave episode: “Do No Harm,” in which Claire gave birth and Boone died. “That episode that sort of culminated everything the show represented. I remember thinking ‘This is something I am proud to be part of.’”

Terry O’Quinn (Locke): “Sitting under the banyan trees, listening to Naveen [Andrews, aka Sayid] as he plays guitar and everyone sings.”

Michael Emerson (Ben): “I have many fond memories of breathless confrontations in small rooms. Jacob’s hatch, Widmore’s bedroom.” He said his defining moment was Season 3, when Ben took Sawyer up to the ridge and revealed they were on Hydra Island “Standing on the cliff, trading quotes from Steinbeck, and I had a rabbit in backpack. It was so absurd and majestic.”

Jorge Garcia (Hurley): The moment that came to mind was “the comet hitting Mr. Cluck’s and I’m laying there and they’re throwing raw chicken parts at me.”

Source: EW.com

Emilie: Australians in action

Sunday July 19, 2009


Be charmed by the wave of Australian talent sweeping US television. They are waltzing to Tinseltown and into our living rooms…

In the TV-scape, too, the Australians are proving to be an asset. Here, we take a look at 14 hardworking Australians (in no particular order) who are (or have been) regulars in our living rooms.

13. Emilie de Ravin (Lost) – It would not be right if Australia was not represented in a series that had characters of virtually every nationality! Before embarking on Lost, the 27-year-old has been chalking up an impressive resume that includes Roswell, NCIS and CSI: Miami. After Lost, she secured a tiny role in the current gangster movie Public Enemies and a considerably bigger part opposite Robert Pattinson in Remember Me.


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