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Stars Predict the End of Lost

The Lost cast is growing anxious to receive the first script of their final season, which goes into production late August. Before they get definitive answers, I asked them to come up with their own theories about how the mystery will get resolved.
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Sky one uncut interviews of lost cast

Thanks Sky one for sharing those uncut interviews of almost all lost actors :)
Can contain spoilers
enjoy guys^^

Naveen Andrews

Josh Holloway

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A Gift From the Lost Gods: Daniel Dae Kim Is Here!

Happy Monday, tubers! If you were just as shocked about Jin hopping out of the Dharma V-dub bus as I was, you’d track down Daniel Dae Kim to get some answers, right? Well that’s just what I did!

Not only is Jin alive and jumping through time, he’s just flashed right on over to our set. But will he be flashing to his true love, Sun (Yunjin Kim)? Daniel Dae Kim is here to dish on that and more coming up on Lost, including secrets about our good friend Smokey.

source : kristin eonline

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