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Lost movie not likely

There were a lot of rumors when a final end date for ABC’s “Lost” was announced that, like THE X-FILES before it, the show might have a movie in there somewhere. While you might read elsewhere on the web that this is a “maybe,” don’t believe it. I got a chance to talk to “Lost” showrunner Damon Lindelof last week and he said the idea of a “Lost” movie “makes every bone in my fanboy body cry foul.”

Lindelof explains: “People have been so patient with the show and to basically say that we’re going to end the TV show but we’re going to leave some questions unanswered so that you can pay $14 and go see it in the theater?…” I asked him if this meant we’d never see the rumored movie. “You never say never but what we are saying is that when the final episode of ‘Lost’ airs, that will be very conclusive. There will not be a question mark of the end of the words ‘THE END.'”

Add this to JJ Abrams’ comments at the above-linked MTV story (where he says “my gut is [a ‘Lost’ movie] would never happen”) and you can downgrade that maybe to a not bloody likely. And to me, that’s a good thing.


A Night Out With Damon and Carlton

“IT’S kind of hypnotic, isn’t it?” said Carlton Cuse, an executive producer of “Lost,” as he thumped his fingers against the head of an African ashiko drum.

Beside him, Damon Lindelof, Mr. Cuse’s fellow executive, was carving out a complementary beat on a goblet-shaped djembe with mallets that looked like rainbow-dipped lollipops.

Free from their day jobs as the creative force behind the intricately plotted ABC drama, Mr. Lindelof and Mr. Cuse were letting their guard down in a Tuesday night drum circle at the REMO Recreational Music Center, a nondescript warehouse in North Hollywood. In the midst of an increasingly frenzied groove, Mr. Lindelof closed his eyes and let loose a cathartic howl. Mr. Cuse responded with a ringing endorsement by rapping a cowbell.

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