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A chat with Carlton and Damon

A chat with Carlton and Damon

It’s been a long, strange ride over the course of five seasons, but if you’ve followed “Lost” all along from the very beginning of the series, then Season 5 has almost certainly felt like a pay-off for all of the waiting you’ve endured. Indeed, the staff of Bullz-Eye has voted “Lost” into the top spot on our bi-annual TV Power Rankings for the first time in the history of the show. It would seem that this accomplishment pleased executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, given that they cheerily agreed to chat with us about the show. It will probably come as no surprise to you that they weren’t willing to unabashedly offer up spoilers about what viewers can expect to see in the weeks ahead, but they did provide us with a few teases here and there, along with clarification on how the show settled into a groove after declaring its end date and their picks for their personal favorite episodes of Season 5.
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Evangeline Lilly and Michael Emerson with Darlton in Paris 25th April for the Jules Vernes Festival

Evangeline Lilly and Michael Emerson with Darlton in Paris 25th April for the Jules Vernes Festival

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Evi and Emerson will come in the Jules Vernes Festival “Lost in Paris” this week end with Damon and Carlton

I can’t wait to meet them !!
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and if you want more details of the event read it here :) “lost in paris” more infos

Is Lost turning into That ’70s Show?

Is Lost turning into That ’70s Show?

For now, at least, ABC’s sci-fi fantasy ended its time travel in 1977 — and if you haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, stop reading right here.

The reunion in Wednesday’s episode “sets the template for what the show’s going to be in the next phase of storytelling,” says executive producer Carlton Cuse. Kate, Jack and Hurley have rejoined Sawyer and Jin, disguised as new Dharma initiates; Sayid, deemed an island “hostile,” is imprisoned. “We’re kind of done with the rapid skipping through time for a while,” Cuse says.

In the seven remaining episodes (including a two-hour, game-changing finale May 13), he says the show asks, “What do they do now, and what are the consequences of that?”

Starting next week, the show returns to its original format, each episode built around a single character with the back story in flashbacks.
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Exclusive: Lost Fans Invited to Weigh In on Season Finale

Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof promised to call me as soon as they came up with a nickname for the closing — and assuredly jaw-dropping — scene of this season’s finale, which is now slated for May 13.

The thing is, the boys aren’t nicknaming that moment this year.

You are.

TVGuide.com has learned exclusively that in this week’s official Lost podcast, posting to ABC.com on Thursday, Team Darlton will formally invite viewers to suggest a nickname for the season finale’s final moment.

In seasons past, that head-scratcher has been dubbed “Bagel” (Walt is abducted by the Others!), “Challah” (Penny’s research team locates the island!), “The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox” (Jack is flashing forward!) and “Frozen Donkey Wheel” (which, quite literally, Ben rotated to move the island).

The ink is barely dry on the finale script and it’s at least a week from being filmed, so you’ll just have to go with your gut when conjuring up a nickname. There is talk, however, that the season-ender will (SPOILER ALERT) culminate with “the incident” referred to by Marvin Candle in the first orientation video.

Submissions can be directed to ABC.com/asklost, with the producers’ pick being announced on ABC’s March 26 podcast.


Interview with damon&carlton, matthew fox and daniel dae kim about the next episode “lafleur”

Interview with damon&carlton, matthew fox and daniel dae kim about the next episode “lafleur”

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Lost: Daniel Dae Kim Explains Jin’s Return

Daniel Dae Kim is dishing a first look at “This Place Is Death,” next week’s all-new Lost episode, along with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. It turns out that the Danielle-Jin meeting plays a pivotal role in the Lost mythology. Press play above to see DDK and Darlton explain what this blast to the past means for the show.

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