3×19: The Brig (A LOCKE Episode)

Season 3: Episode 19 – “The Brig”

Lost episode photo Sawyer gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and runs into Locke. Sawyer asks why he joined the enemy. Locke denies joining them he claims he infiltrated them. He’s undercover. He’s kidnapped Ben and wants Sawyer to kill him. WHOOSH back eight days ago. Ben reveals Locke’s father, Cooper, is on the island and held captive. Ben tells Locke that Locke himself brought his father here, but Locke denies it. Ben tells Locke that they are leaving in the morning. He asks if Locke wants to come with them. Locke says yes. Ben tells Locke he can say good bye to Kate. She’s a few buildings over.

Charlie and Hurley argue with Desmond about letting Jack examine the parachute woman. Desmond wants to know if they can vouch for Jack, give their word that Jack can be trusted. But Charlie and Hurley realize they can’t. Desmond says they need to bring in someone they can trust and Hurley goes to Sayid.

Locke and Sawyer trek through the jungle when BAM! Sawyer hits Locke in the head with the butt of his gun and knocks him to the ground. Sawyer grabs Locke’s knife, and holds it at Locke’s throat. He wants to know what’s really going on. Locke tells Sawyer to trust him. He really does have Ben tied up and he wants Sawyer to kill him. Locke can’t do it himself that’s why he came for Sawyer. Sawyer says he ain’t killing nobody. They’ll bring Ben back to the camp. Locke insists that Sawyer will change his mind once he hears what Ben has to say.

WHOOSH back three days ago. Locke is with the Others helping Cindy pitch her tent. He goes to talk to Ben, and overhears Juliet’s taped message for Ben. Ben explains his plan: Juliet is getting information on the women, then they’ll go into the camp and take them. Locke is troubled by this and asks about the remaining people at the camp. Ben assures him it isn’t the first time they’ve done that type of thing. And then Ben stands up. He can walk now thanks to Locke. Since he showed up, Ben has regained feeling in his legs. Ben tells Locke he can’t wait to show him what the island can do, things Locke can’t imagine, except Locke isn’t ready yet. He’s still crippled. Cooper is tied to a column, and in front of all the Others, Ben tells Locke to kill him. As long as Cooper is still breathing, Locke will still be the same pathetic little man who got kicked off the Walkabout tour because he couldn’t walk. Locke tries but can’t kill Cooper. Ben announces to the group that Locke is not who they thought he was.

At the beach camp, Sayid talks to the parachute woman. She says her name is Naomi Dorrit, and that her freighter is about eighty nautical miles west of the island. She’s part of the search and rescue team. She tells Sayid that flight 815 was found in a trench four miles deep. They sent down a camera and saw all the bodies there. Sayid says it’s obvious they’re not dead. Who was she looking for? Naomi points to Desmond. The company she works for was hired by Penelope Widmore, whom she never met. A few weeks ago Ms. Widmore gave them a set of coordinates that were in the middle of the ocean. They didn’t know about the island.

Naomi gives Sayid her sat phone. He tries to fix it, but he says he’s never seen equipment that sophisticated. He gets it working, and they pick up Rousseau’s distress signal. However, Sayid realizes it is blocking the ability to send a transmission of their own. Kate walks by, sees the phone and asks about it. Sayid tells her about Naomi.

Locke leads Sawyer to the Black Rock. He says he has Ben tied up in the brig. Locke opens the door, and sure enough there’s a man tied up with a bag over his head. However, when Sawyer goes inside the brig, Locke slams the door shut. Sawyer bangs on the door, but Locke won’t let him out.

Cooper reveals to Sawyer that the “bald bastard” is his son. Sawyer wants to know how he got there. Cooper tells him that he was driving on the I 10 in Tallahassee when a car hit him. He slammed into the divider, and next thing he knew paramedics were strapping him into an ambulance. They inserted an I.V., he blacked out, and when he woke up in a strange room, the door opened and Locke was standing there. Cooper believes they’re in hell, but Sawyer tells him they’re on an island. Cooper tells them they’re all dead, that they found the plane at the bottom of the ocean. Cooper goes on to tell Sawyer that he conned Locke into giving him one of his kidneys and Locke never got over it. Sawyer just looks at him. Conned? Sawyer asks Cooper his name. Cooper says a con man goes by many names. He lists them, and at the name Tom Sawyer, Sawyer stops him. He tells Cooper his name is Sawyer, too.

WHOOSH back two days ago. Richard Alpert tells Locke that the point of Ben’s exercise was to embarrass him. Ben knew Locke wasn’t going to kill his own father. He doesn’t want people to think that John is special. Alpert says that Ben was been wasting their time with fertility problems, and that they are looking for someone to remind them they are here for more important reasons. Alpert wants to help Locke find his purpose, and to do that Cooper has to go. And since Locke can’t do it He hands Locke the file on Sawyer and tells him to read it.

At the beach camp, Kate approaches Jack. She doesn’t want to say anything in front of Juliet, but Jack insists it’s okay. Kate tells him about Naomi. Jack wants to know how Naomi was going to contact her boat, and Kate tells him about the sat phone. Juliet asks if they should tell Kate something, but Jack says not yet.

In the Black Rock brig, Sawyer asks Cooper if he’s ever been to Jasper, Alabama. Cooper says yeah. Sawyer tells Cooper he killed his daddy. Sawyer takes his letter out and tells Cooper to read it. Cooper mocks Sawyer as he reads. Cooper even remembers Sawyer’s mother Mary. He refuses to finish the letter and rips it up. Sawyer snaps. He grabs some chains, wraps them around Cooper’s neck, and strangles him. Cooper struggles, but Sawyer holds on tight and kills him.

Locke opens the door and looks at the body of his father. He tells Sawyer thank you. Sawyer asks Locke why he did this, and Locke says Cooper ruined both their lives. Locke then tells Sawyer that Juliet is a mole and what Ben’s plan is. He gives Sawyer the tape recorder that Ben had in his tent. Locke swiped it. He wants Sawyer to warn the camp. Locke isn’t going back with him, and he was never “undercover.” Locke is on his own journey.

Sawyer starts back for the beach camp. Locke puts Cooper’s body in a burlap sack, hefts it over his shoulder and heads off to join Ben.

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