3×07: Not in Portland (A JULIET Episode)

Season 3: Episode 7 – “Not in Portland”

Lost episode photo With Ben bleeding out on the operation table, Jack stops the surgery to give Kate and Sawyer enough time to escape. Juliet orders Ivan to bring them back – to kill them if necessary. Jack warns her he’ll let Ben die. Jack tells Friendly that Juliet asked him to kill Ben. Juliet denies it. Friendly (Tom) orders Juliet to leave the room.

Kate and Sawyer make it to the shore but realize they need a boat. With Pickett, Jason and Ivan hot on their trail, they run back into the jungle to hide. They meet Alex, who hides them in a camouflaged tiger pit. Alex tells them she has a boat they can use – but only if they help rescue her boyfriend, Karl.

FLASHBACK to Juliet in Miami. She visits her sister, and in the hallway passes Ethan Rom. He says hello but Juliet doesn’t know him. Juliet wakes Rachel and gives her an injection. Rachel has lost her hair from chemotherapy, so what’s the injection Juliet gives her? A cancer drug? Juliet tells Rachel they can stop if she wants. Rachel asks her if she’s worried if Edmund Burke, Juliet’s ex-husband who runs the research lab, will find out.

Back on the island, Friendly warns Jack that he dies if Ben dies.Suddenly Ben interrupts them – he’s awake and heard everything. He asks to talk to Juliet alone. After their talk, she tells Jack if he continues with the operation, she’ll help Kate and Sawyer escape.

Alex leads Kate and Sawyer to the compound where Karl is being held. They disarm the guard and sneak inside, finding Karl in Room 23.He is strapped to a chair with an I.V. drip and being forced to watch a film. Images bombard him while loud music and a cacophony of overlapping sounds blare out of the speakers. They free him and head for Alex’s boat.

Back in Miami, Edmund confronts Juliet. He knows that she’s been sneaking out serum and experimenting on her sister. If she won’t let him in on her research and publishing, Edmund will report her to the authorities.Juliet is trapped.

She has a job interview with Richard Alpert from Mittelos BioScience. He tells Juliet that Mittelos is based in Oregon, just outside Portland, and that they are privately funded.

Juliet is not sure why they contacted her. Alpert reminds her she successfully impregnated a male field mouse, but Juliet brushes off the compliment. Alpert shows her an MRI of a woman whose uterus indicates she’d be in her seventies – but he tells Juliet the woman is 26.Juliet wants to know what happened. Alpert tells her if she comes to work for them, she could have complete freedom and all the money she needed to find out.Juliet refuses the offer. She explains her ex-husband wouldn’t let her out of his grant early, that he won’t let her do anything. Alpert insists there must be something they can do. Frustrated, Juliet blurts out that Edmund could get hit by a bus. Embarrassed and starting to cry, Juliet tells Alpert she’s not a leader – she’s a mess.

On the island, Jack continues Ben’s operation. Jack asks why, if they can get off the island, they simply didn’t take Ben to a hospital. Before Friendly can respond, Jack accidentally nicks an artery, sending Ben into cardiac arrest.

Alex takes Kate, Sawyer and Karl to the boat she had hidden – when Pickett bursts out of the jungle and is about to shoot Sawyer – but BAM! Juliet shoots and kills Pickett.

Juliet tells them they can leave now – but not Alex. Her father, Ben, wouldn’t let Karl live if Alex goes, too. Alex says good-bye to Karl. Juliet hands a walkie to Kate and tells her to radio Jack. Kate tells Jack the story of him “counting to five” to prove they’re safe. As she retells it, Sawyer begins to understand the depth of their connection and is troubled by it. Jack makes her promise they won’t come back for him. Kate, Sawyer and Karl sail away.

Back in Miami, Rachel tells Juliet it was a success – she’s pregnant. The serum wasn’t a cancer drug but a fertility treatment. Juliet leaves to tell Edmund the news but informs him she’s not interested in publishing. Right as Edmund is about to protest – BAM! He is hit by a bus!

Juliet goes to the morgue to identify Edmund’s body. Richard Alpert appears with Ethan Rom to express their condolences. Juliet realizes in their interview she said she wanted Edmund to get hit by a bus. Alpert denies that he or his group had anything to do with the accident, but reminds Juliet that the job offer still stands.

It’ll only be for six months. She’ll be back before Rachel has the baby. But wait. How did they know Rachel was pregnant? Alpert tells her they are very thorough in their recruitment process. Juliet wants to bring her sister along, but Alpert tells her Rachel wouldn’t have access to the treatment she’ll need. But there are plenty of clinics in Portland, Juliet points out. Sensing her confusion, Alpert admits their location is not quite in Portland.

On the island, with Friendly’s help, Jack stops the bleeding and saves Ben. Juliet returns, and Jack asks her what Ben said. Juliet tells Jack that she’s been on the island for three years, two months and twenty-eight days. Ben promised Juliet if she let him live, he’ll finally let her go home.

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