3×04: Every Man for Himself (A SAWYER Episode)

Season 3: Episode 4 – “Every Man for Himself”

Lost episode photo Sawyer rigs his cage so he and Kate can escape.Ben approaches, and Sawyer grabs him.However, nothing happens.Ben tells him they turned off the electricity, and beats Sawyer unconscious.When he wakes up, he’s strapped down to a table.They shove a stick in his mouth and plunge a huge needle into his heart!

Later, Ben shows Sawyer a caged rabbit.Ben scares the bunny, which falls over and dies.It had a small pacemaker inserted in its heart to give it a kick-start if it gets anxious, frightened, or tries to escape.Ben gives Sawyer a heart rate monitor and warns him that if his heart rate goes over 140 his heart will explode.And if Sawyer tells Kate, they’ll put a pacemaker in her, too.

Back at the cages, Kate immediately questions him, but Sawyer ain’t talkin’.Kate has an escape plan — she could squeeze through the bars at the top of her cage and get them out.Sawyer dissuades her.Kate doesn’t understand.They could escape and he’s telling her not to?

Flashback to Sawyer in jail.

The new guy, Munson, stole $10 million dollars from the government and hid it.Munson denies stealing it, of course.Sawyer guesses Warden Harris is protecting Munson to play him for the money.Sawyer warns Munson that the Warden will turn his wife against him.When questioned why he’s freely offering this advice, Sawyer expresses his hatred for the Warden.Whether the money’s real or not, he doesn’t want the Warden to get it.

WHOOSH to the Others returning with Colleen, bloody and pale from Sun’s gunshot.Juliet asks Jack for his help.Jack scrubs in, and notices x-rays on a lightbox.Juliet says those aren’t Colleen’s.In the O.R., Juliet confesses she’s not a surgeon and couldn’t stop the bleeding.Jack finds the bleeder but Colleen dies on the table.

Pickett goes ballistic, ranting that they did this, and beelines for Sawyer’s cage.He savagely beats him in front of Kate, demanding to know if she loves him.Kate confesses that she does, and Pickett stops.

Back in jail during visitation, Sawyer sees Munson arguing with his wife.

Sawyer’s visitation is with Cassidy, who shows him a photo of their baby daughter, Clementine.Cassidy hoped Sawyer would write a letter to her, but Sawyer becomes angry.Denies he has a baby.Cassidy gets the message and backs off.

Munson tells Sawyer he was right about the Warden using his wife against him.Sawyer tells him when you care, that’s when they come after you.Munson wants Sawyer’s help moving it.His wife hired a private investigator to find it, and he’d rather Sawyer screw him over than his wife.

Back to the present, Kate squeezes out of her cage and tries to break the lock on Sawyer’s.She knows he’s lying about what happened to him, and that scares her.What did they do to him, and why doesn’t he fight back?He tells her if she really loves him to go without him.Kate claims she said that so Pickett would stop hitting him.She squeezes back into her cage and tells Sawyer, “Live together, die alone.”

Juliet tells Jack she’s a fertility doctor, but Jack wants to know whose x-rays those were.

They’re of a man, about 40 years-old, who has a very large tumor on his vertebrate.He wants to know who he’s really there to save.

Desmond tells Claire she has a problem with her roof.He suggests she move down the beach while he fixes it.Charlie, feeling territorial, says if there’s any problem, he’ll fix it.

Desmond borrows a golf club and ties it to a long stick of bamboo.He puts it near Claire’s tent and waits.A storm suddenly blows up, and a bolt of lightning strikes the golf club — Desmond used it as a lightning rod.Charlie realizes Desmond just saved them, but how did he know that was going to happen?

In jail, Sawyer reveals he conned Munson to get the last six years of his sentence commuted.Sawyer gives up the location of Munson’s stolen $10 million.He’s now a free man.He instructs them to put his commission in an account with Clementine Phillips’ name on it.

On the island, Ben takes Sawyer on a hike.Ben tells him his heart isn’t going to explode — that only thing they put inside him was doubt.

At the top of the hill, Ben points to a big island across the way.That’s the island Sawyer knows and loves.They’re on a smaller island, like Alcatraz.If they escape, there’s nowhere to run.Ben reminds him the only way to gain the respect of a con man is to con him.Sawyer’s good, but the Others are better.

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