EW: This week’s cover – Life after LOST


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  1. Lost was a great show. The story line, the plot and lesson it taught viewers. This is what made it unique to other shows. It was like watch part of an epic movie every week. I hope the TV companies understands, that this show has a cult following which is having viewers still search for something like Lost in 2011. I had to watch the all of the shows seasons again to really understand it. Lost is more then a show it was really the story of humanity and life lessons. On TV now its just crap-like reality shows and stupid crime dramas. There is no more plots twists or story puzzles that can compare to Lost. The Event is a good show but it lacks the depth that Lost had with its characters and the villains in that show are too presentable , (meaning you can tell who is going to double-cross who). In Lost is was hard to know who is the bad guy and why they are the bad guy. Anyways, I hope that TV writers can realize that they need to prove a lesson to viewers rather then to just point guns and solve the case in others shows.

  2. I miss LOST so much. I still can’t believe they ended it that way; what a rip-off. What a cop out. LOST had the potential to run for many more years had it been done right. Now you can’t even watch the episodes on ABC.com for free anymore. Only option now is to spend the $200 bucks on the DVD set. What a wild ride it was. The anticipation was epic. I really wish they’d resume filming and continue the show. It’s not like there were any rules to begin with, so bringing it back would be easy. I’m still pissed.

  3. lost changed my way of watching good t.v imean this show madw me cry laugh and stress. i stopped being a drug addict because of charlie

  4. I just watched the last episode of lost season 6, I am really depressed and crying, we will never continue to watch lost again?

    There must be more seasons, :'(

  5. Name (required) 01. May, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    I’ve loved Lost. The characters have become a kind of friends to me. People I got to know. I had such wonderful time with the series. Miss it all too much..

  6. I’ve loved Lost. The characters have become a kind of friends to me. People I got to know. I had such wonderful time with the series. Miss it all too much..

  7. LOST has been the most mind gripping, exciting and emotional piece of entertainment i’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. I have just watched all 6 series over again starting Mid-April and finishing it today and what a ride it was… much better than watching it the first time where you had to wait week for the next episode and sometimes 10 months between the next series…i felt watching it this way was much better … I became attached to the story line alot more and never wanted it to end. I being sceptical about the last episode when i first watched it…ive changed my mind and now i believe it ended perfectly.
    I hope they pick it up again somewhere in the future with maybe the Kwons daughter and Aaron returning to the island to discover thier roots… im sad that it ended but happy to say that its the best thing ive ever watched.

  8. matty has a big nose

  9. matty has a big nose!

  10. i miss lost sooooo much i watch it every day oh and matty has a big nose

  11. Matthew Fox alluded to the cast not “hanging out” like they did during season1 during a UK interview. Was there unrest between some of them?

  12. i am depressed to see last episode.
    i was crying.
    pls start season 7

  13. Im still watching lost on my phone its the baest show ever

  14. I just finished my 2nd wathcing LOST. It is the best movie I ever saw!!!

  15. Name (required) 02. Jan, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    ask me some new video cd are loach

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